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Sandworms of Dune – Review September 5, 2007

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sandworms.jpgI finally finished Sandworms of Dune..it’s been out for nearly a month at this point).

Like its predecesor – Hunters of Dune – this is a very well written book. Unlike Hunters of Dune which ended with the realization that after 15,000 years the machines were back – i wasn’t as blown over with the final outcome. In fact it was a bit of a let down.

Sure the final ultimate Kwizatch Haderach is revealed – woohoo – and ultimately – the machines are confronted and the ultimate resolution is acheived.

But the path to reaching those ultimate conclusions was too long, and convoluted. The fact that so little of the Universe outside of the New Sisterhood and the no-ship is discussed or revealed is terribly disappointing.

Then again – the final resolution does bring back many of the great heroes that have spanned the Dune universe. But not all.

At no point is the great Vorian Atreides discussed. He was the one that served Omnius/Erasmus after all and it would have been great to have him return as well.

At points the book is thoroughly engaging and it is a MUST READ for all fans of Dune. Sandworms is not however the best (nor the worst) of the Dune books. It could have been as brilliant as the Dune: The Battle of Corrin (which was supposed to have been the end of the thinking machines) but somehow it stutters a bit.

Supposedly this is the last – chronologically speaking – book in the Dune series. Though it will not be the last in the Dune series in terms of publication.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon APOCALYPSE #4 Out with a whimper June 15, 2007

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I had high hope for this series when i first picked it up. This last issue was a bit of a downer though.

Starbuck gets stuck on the Cylon world..goes about his biz..then the fleet comes back to get him once he can send out his signal.

Nothing too exciting just a very average story and a week cliched ending.

Would have been neat if the Cylon’s turned into humans (as the result of the bio weapon)….. then again maybe not.

Battlestar Galactica Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 – Cylons came from snakes?! April 17, 2007

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With the popularity of the new re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, there has been alot of speculation about how the Cylons evolved from machines to flesh and blood.

Cylon Apocalypse issue #2 offers a potential answer – though it will never EVER show up in the new series – since Cyclon Apocalypse is a classic era based comic.

Long story short is that the Cylon are experimenting with some kind of biogenic substance that reverts the cylons to a reptilian/mamilian form.

In this issue of the comic (which continues from the excellent issue #2). Adama decides to try and negotiate with a Cylon viceroy but as well all know there is no negation with the cylon.

GREAT FRAKKING STUFF. It really makes me wish that the new show was
a) actually on now instead of on an 8 month hiatus
b) that the new show had an imperious leader, viceroys and cylon mainframe worlds.

In the absence of the SciFi show, the Dynamite Entertainment comic series is THE BEST BSG thing running.

Steve Jobs Is A Cylon !!! March 28, 2007

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Steve Jobs is a cylon! Explains a lot doesn’t it?

Think about it a human looking entitiy bent on having good looking technology infiltrate and take over our lives..

It’s also the title of a really cool Battlestar Galactica fan flick in which a pair of geeks running a Mac with an iPod attached are illegally downloading a BSG episode and get a ‘virus’.

The vid really gets interesting 1:50 seconds into the video. One dude says, “Mac’s don’t get viruses’ AND then…well just watch the FRAKIN YouTube video. Great stuff, a must for all Apple haters and BSG lovers.

(oh and be sure to keep your iPod nailed down or risk get blasted)