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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Allies – Jedi and Sith join together to destroy Abeloth September 3, 2010

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So far, the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series has been interesting, but each book leaves us feeling a bit cheated – and Allies is no exception.

Yes there are some AWESOME sequence in this book, but there are also sooooooo very many issues that make  no sense whatsoever as well.

Vestara and Ben — seemingly – get closer, Daala continues to take aim against the Jedi and the Sith of the Lost Tribe become allies with Luke Skywalker.

It is the Jedi Sith alliance that makes the least amount of sense. Did the Sith want to destroy Abeloth (the evil being in the Maw making all the Jedi nuts?)? That’s unclear.

The actual end of Abeloth was also unclear and to us – very unsatisfying as well.

This is a middle episode book – and no, not middle episode as in Empire Strikes Back.

The writing is brilliant and we all know and love these characters at this point, the problem is the unfulfilled plot, which leaves us wanting more (a good thing), but with too many loose ends.

Overall though, this is a tremendously enjoying book to read that is literally a non-stop ‘page-turner’ that all Star Wars expanded universe fans will enjoy.


1. Bored - Michael - September 4, 2010

“that all Star Wars expanded universe fans will enjoy” I applaud those who after LotF are still fans lol.

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