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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Apocalypse : THE WORST STAR WARS BOOK EVER WRITTEN?! April 7, 2012

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Fate of the Jedi started out as decent story….the introduction of Vestara Kai and the Lost Tribe of the Sith to the Star Wars cannon are both worthy additions.

That said, this last book was such a total piece of sh*t it makes us sick.

How this book ever got through editorial oversight is beyond us. This book could have been 200 pages shorter and it would have been much better, delivering the key plot points. As it was, this was easily the most painful Star Wars book we’ve read in years. Long, slow drawn out action. Sure action is great to have, this whole book is action and most of it makes no sense at all.

Were this not the last book in a series we’ve read from the beginning, there is no way we would have read this to the end, it’s that bad.

At the beginning of this series Luke leaves Coruscant, then he comes back. Then the Jedi leave, then they come back, Then they all leave again. And in between Abeloth is destroyed and Jaina get married to Fel. And oh yeah Vestara — is she good or evil? who knows…the author of this book totally buthered her character so much so that we just don’t care.

Yes we love Star Wars books, and yes we’ll still buy the next series that comes out — even though at this point it’s clear that the publisher is just abusing readers.

Star Wars : Fate of the Jedi : Conviction. 1 word review – TERRIBLE! June 28, 2011

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This series started off alright but this is the worst book yet ….

As opposed to the last book – Fate of the Jedi Vortex – which was AWESOME, this book has a few interesting moments but for the most part it just drags on…

and on..

and on…..

and on…

So here’s the spoiler for you…Tahiri is convicted (the conviction on the cover), Chief of State Natasi is overthrown in a coup and then they both get sent to the same prison and both escape. In the meantime Abeloth is cornered and escapes..the Keshiri Sith are cornered and escape too.

and oh yeah Luke is the grandmaster of the Jedi again.

in between that..nothing happens, the plot is boring and pedantic and were it not for the fact that we knew it had to lead somewhere we would have put this book down midway for lack of anything interesting going on.

Yes this book advances the plot, so yes if like us, you’ve become hooked on the Fate of the Jedi, you will read it. But just don’t expect to enjoy it as much as Vortex.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi – Vortex – review: Awesome. This book is the best in the series yet. January 23, 2011

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Vortex (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 6) is one of the best Star Wars books ever written…sure it’s the middle of a series, but the twists and turns in this book put it head and shoulders above the rest.

We’ve been tracking, reading and reviewing the Fate of the Jedi series since 2008, when Lucasfilm first announced the series. The first Fate of the Jedi book: Outcast – was ok, but not great. Book two – Omen – was awesome. Book 3 – Abyss – was weak. Book 4 – Backlash also weak.

Now book 5 – Allies – the book immediately preceding this one was interesting, but unsatisfying.

In contrast to those first five books, we have nothing but praise for Vortex. The writing is amazing and kept us turning page after page. The courtroom stuff with Tahiri which has been dragging on, was exceptional this time around.

the battle inside the Jedi Temple and the demise of Kenth Hamner …WOW…we didn’t see that one coming.
Luke battling Abeloth and the Sith Again? ok..we saw that coming but still cool.
Vestara killing Lord Tallon? no we didn’t see that.

But the best part is the fact that this book stuck to the tried and true Star Wars formula. We had multiple sub-plots that all come together in a big set of concurrent event. Hamner and the Jedi with the launch of the StealthX’s, the return of the Horn’s, Errant Venture’s attack on the Coruscant mirrors and Luke battling it out for his life.

Author Troy Denning, knows what Star Wars fan want and he has delivered in spades with Conviction.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Allies – Jedi and Sith join together to destroy Abeloth September 3, 2010

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So far, the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series has been interesting, but each book leaves us feeling a bit cheated – and Allies is no exception.

Yes there are some AWESOME sequence in this book, but there are also sooooooo very many issues that make  no sense whatsoever as well.

Vestara and Ben — seemingly – get closer, Daala continues to take aim against the Jedi and the Sith of the Lost Tribe become allies with Luke Skywalker.

It is the Jedi Sith alliance that makes the least amount of sense. Did the Sith want to destroy Abeloth (the evil being in the Maw making all the Jedi nuts?)? That’s unclear.

The actual end of Abeloth was also unclear and to us – very unsatisfying as well.

This is a middle episode book – and no, not middle episode as in Empire Strikes Back.

The writing is brilliant and we all know and love these characters at this point, the problem is the unfulfilled plot, which leaves us wanting more (a good thing), but with too many loose ends.

Overall though, this is a tremendously enjoying book to read that is literally a non-stop ‘page-turner’ that all Star Wars expanded universe fans will enjoy.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Backlash – decent read but… August 4, 2010

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We’ve been fans of the Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series so far — sure we can’t afford to buy the hardcovers (so we get ’em from the public library–unlike paperbacks which we buy..), but it’s worth the wait in most cases.

This one is mostly about Dathomir and what happens on that planet..yeaah Luke fight the sith again..and sure Ben is starting to like the Sith Chik…all good fun.

Over on Coruscant, it’s the usual nonsense and this book does a poorer job than its predecessors at showing that environment.

But overall, an incremental step in building out the bigger fate of the jedi story as the new Sith order becomes btr known. The whole battle btwn Daala and the Jedi on Coruscant in nonsense that we mostly skipped over, but the Jedi/Sith part is fine reading…

We can hardly wait until it’s our turn on the wait list to pick up the next book in this fun series.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Abyss – The Kesh Sith are Back! December 21, 2009

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Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Abyss is the third installment in the Fate of the Jedi series – and it’s not the best nor the worst (first book was outcast followed by Omen – which was awesome)

As is often the case lately with Star Wars series – each installment has a few interesting development and plots and sub-plots but aren’t standalone stories.

In Abyss, we finally see the Kesh Sith confront the Skywalkers – which was the best part (and the finale) of the book.

The return of the Sith – not Darth Bane’s Sith – but the True Sith that number in the hundreds (thousands?) is perhaps the best underlying plotline in the Fate of the Jedi series.

The subplot of the going ons in Coruscant with Daala is relatively week and she’s not well written in this particular story.  Author Troy Denning is best with the Skywalkers and the Sith and that’s where this story excels.

Yes, this is another example of a long drawn out story – but for fans (like us) it’s one that you just don’t want to miss.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi : Omen REVIEW – In One Word, the best yet! September 27, 2009

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omen The first Fate of the Jedi book : Outcast – was a decent but not great book.

Omen on the other hand is a GREAT book. Both a great Star Wars book and a fine SciFi book too.

The most memorable bit of this book for me are the backstory elements from the Sith of Kesh. These are Sith that have been cut off from the rest of galaxy for millenia and are now venturing back out.


No more of this – rule of 2  – crap. Now we’ve got thousands of Sith ready to go on the rampage and that’s cool.

The Ang-ti the new race of force users are also cool. Why does it always have to be light or dark side of the force anyways?

The pacing of this book is brilliant with nice ‘bite-sized’ scenes that flow well without any extra/useless narrative.

The other interesting character aspect is how the media is brought into this. I don’t recall the media – as in journalists – ever really playing a key role in any star wars book before. It’s an interesting angle for sure.

Why are all the Jedi going nuts? I don’t know. No doubt the publishers are going to continue to stretch that part of the storyline out and squeeze it for every dollar they can.

Yes, this book is a bit short and yes as a hardcover the price if waay to high. We couldn’t afford to buy this book – that’s why the review is so late – but thankfully our local library finally got it in.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi book 2: Omen is now out — but it’s too expensive June 29, 2009

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omenWe mostly liked the first book in the Fate of the Jedi series: Outcast.  It starts off an interesting new Star Wars series..

The only problem is that this series is all hardcover and as such is triple the price per book of a paperback.

The economy is what it is and hey we can’t afford to buy an all-hardcover series anymore here at ShowMeSciFi.com.

The new book – Omen – has been out for a week or so and we expect to see prices drop for used copies on Amazon at some point (hopefully).

The decision by Lucas to allow an all hardcover (read more $$) star war series IS A DISGUSTING MONEY GRAB.

Even if they went for a mix of some hard and some paperback – like Legacy of the Force – that would work. This way the series is inaccessable to thousands of fans like us — that live in the real world where salaries (if you have a job) are slashed and money is tight

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Book 1 Outcast : A decent, but not great start May 2, 2009

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outcastJust finished reading the first book in the new Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series,  Outcast (Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 1) and it’s left me with some mixed feelings.

No this is not the fantastic start that the Legacy of the Force had with the civil war..though this is a similar concept isn’t it?

The Jedi once again are at risk of being purged the by the Senate.

How could Luke Skywalker agree to his exile? How could he agree to the whole observer thing? MAKES NO SENSE.

The idea in general of a new Jedi purge is a great one. The evolution of Jagged Fel as ruler of the Imperial Remnant (or Galactic Empire as he calls it) is cool. Jainia being in love with his also great (and we know that this ultimately lead to Star Wars Legacy 200 hundred years later..). Those elements are good and represent the best parts of this book.

The book is well written and some of the plot segments are ok but it’s poorly stitched together overall, especially for a first book in the series. There is no big climax in this book that all great Star Wars books must have. There is no payoff for reading through till the end, no reward or big fanfare. It’s just kinda there and that is disappointing.

Will I continue to read this series? Sure. But i won’t be buying these expensive hardcover books in the store. I’ll just wait until my local library gets them.

Star Wars Fate of the Jedi – the next great Star Wars series? October 3, 2008

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So now we know what the successor to Legacy of the Force will be – it’s called Star Wars Fate of the Jedi which will first show up in April of 2009 and will span 9 books – all hardcover – ending in April 2011.

Lucasfilm’s Sue Rostoni has outlined the series – in rough – and here it is..

April 7, 2009 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 1: OUTCAST by Aaron Allston. Luke and Ben attempt to follow Jacen’s previous journey in the hopes of discovering what and how various Force-using groups influenced him to accept and use dark side powers.

July 7, 2009 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 2:OMEN by Christie Golden. Continues the FATE OF THE JEDI story….. major developments, new characters, lotsa stuff happens.

October 6, 2009 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 3 by Troy Denning. More hapans… er, happens. Sorry for the typo, it means nothing.

February 2010 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 4 by Aaron Allston.

May 2010 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 5 by Christie Golden.

August 2010 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 6 by Troy Denning.

November 2010 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 7 by Aaron Allston.

January 2011 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 8 by Christie Golden.

April 2011 – Hardcover: FATE OF THE JEDI 9 by Troy Denning. Wraps up the series….

We can hardly wait…will this series hook up and connect to Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy?? Not likely but is sure will bring us at least 9 steps closer.