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Star Wars : Fate of the Jedi : Conviction. 1 word review – TERRIBLE! June 28, 2011

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This series started off alright but this is the worst book yet ….

As opposed to the last book – Fate of the Jedi Vortex – which was AWESOME, this book has a few interesting moments but for the most part it just drags on…

and on..

and on…..

and on…

So here’s the spoiler for you…Tahiri is convicted (the conviction on the cover), Chief of State Natasi is overthrown in a coup and then they both get sent to the same prison and both escape. In the meantime Abeloth is cornered and escapes..the Keshiri Sith are cornered and escape too.

and oh yeah Luke is the grandmaster of the Jedi again.

in between that..nothing happens, the plot is boring and pedantic and were it not for the fact that we knew it had to lead somewhere we would have put this book down midway for lack of anything interesting going on.

Yes this book advances the plot, so yes if like us, you’ve become hooked on the Fate of the Jedi, you will read it. But just don’t expect to enjoy it as much as Vortex.


1. Kev - June 29, 2011

Yeah, this entire series is sadly lacking. I didn’ t think this books was terrible, it got better in the back-half of the book (the first half was terribly slow and boring). And it helps (a lot) to just skim :-).

Too many characters, imo. They need to write stories focusing on a handful of characters (or less), and try to include every obscure Jedi, and every off-spring, and every race in each book.

2. moffattbooks - June 29, 2011

I guess the bigger question will be how will Luke, Leia and Han die, those are the questions everyone’s waiting to answer, the children are now adults now and senior citizens. The Legacy comics are actually working better because no old characters which makes the story fresh again

3. Bored - Michael - June 30, 2011

Luke, Leia and Han aren’t going to die, it took a chunk of 100 books and twenty years to get Lucas to agree to killing one of his characters and he settled on Chewbacca… That is why hack writers and lousy editors from Delrey continue to kill throwaway characters in every series or if they feel like really shaking things up they’ll kill one of the characters from the first dozen or so EU novels.

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[…] Backlash second book was ok, Allies was also ok,  Vortex was great and Conviction sucked […]

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