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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi book 2: Omen is now out — but it’s too expensive June 29, 2009

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omenWe mostly liked the first book in the Fate of the Jedi series: Outcast.  It starts off an interesting new Star Wars series..

The only problem is that this series is all hardcover and as such is triple the price per book of a paperback.

The economy is what it is and hey we can’t afford to buy an all-hardcover series anymore here at ShowMeSciFi.com.

The new book – Omen – has been out for a week or so and we expect to see prices drop for used copies on Amazon at some point (hopefully).

The decision by Lucas to allow an all hardcover (read more $$) star war series IS A DISGUSTING MONEY GRAB.

Even if they went for a mix of some hard and some paperback – like Legacy of the Force – that would work. This way the series is inaccessable to thousands of fans like us — that live in the real world where salaries (if you have a job) are slashed and money is tight