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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi book 2: Omen is now out — but it’s too expensive June 29, 2009

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omenWe mostly liked the first book in the Fate of the Jedi series: Outcast.  It starts off an interesting new Star Wars series..

The only problem is that this series is all hardcover and as such is triple the price per book of a paperback.

The economy is what it is and hey we can’t afford to buy an all-hardcover series anymore here at ShowMeSciFi.com.

The new book – Omen – has been out for a week or so and we expect to see prices drop for used copies on Amazon at some point (hopefully).

The decision by Lucas to allow an all hardcover (read more $$) star war series IS A DISGUSTING MONEY GRAB.

Even if they went for a mix of some hard and some paperback – like Legacy of the Force – that would work. This way the series is inaccessable to thousands of fans like us — that live in the real world where salaries (if you have a job) are slashed and money is tight


1. Sci-Fi - July 1, 2009

At least I prefer hardcovers. They keep their quality longer while paper backs look very bad after first time reading.

2. Bored - Michael - July 7, 2009

Not really surprising, everything Delrey prints is a disgusting money grab anymore. Though I hope for people still reading these EU novels that they try and grab your money through something like this as opposed to using half assed writing and reality t.v. reminiscent lousy shock tactics like LotF did.

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