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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi : Omen REVIEW – In One Word, the best yet! September 27, 2009

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omen The first Fate of the Jedi book : Outcast – was a decent but not great book.

Omen on the other hand is a GREAT book. Both a great Star Wars book and a fine SciFi book too.

The most memorable bit of this book for me are the backstory elements from the Sith of Kesh. These are Sith that have been cut off from the rest of galaxy for millenia and are now venturing back out.


No more of this – rule of 2  – crap. Now we’ve got thousands of Sith ready to go on the rampage and that’s cool.

The Ang-ti the new race of force users are also cool. Why does it always have to be light or dark side of the force anyways?

The pacing of this book is brilliant with nice ‘bite-sized’ scenes that flow well without any extra/useless narrative.

The other interesting character aspect is how the media is brought into this. I don’t recall the media – as in journalists – ever really playing a key role in any star wars book before. It’s an interesting angle for sure.

Why are all the Jedi going nuts? I don’t know. No doubt the publishers are going to continue to stretch that part of the storyline out and squeeze it for every dollar they can.

Yes, this book is a bit short and yes as a hardcover the price if waay to high. We couldn’t afford to buy this book – that’s why the review is so late – but thankfully our local library finally got it in.