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Star Wars Fate of the Jedi Book 1 Outcast : A decent, but not great start May 2, 2009

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outcastJust finished reading the first book in the new Star Wars Fate of the Jedi series,  Outcast (Outcast (Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi, Book 1) and it’s left me with some mixed feelings.

No this is not the fantastic start that the Legacy of the Force had with the civil war..though this is a similar concept isn’t it?

The Jedi once again are at risk of being purged the by the Senate.

How could Luke Skywalker agree to his exile? How could he agree to the whole observer thing? MAKES NO SENSE.

The idea in general of a new Jedi purge is a great one. The evolution of Jagged Fel as ruler of the Imperial Remnant (or Galactic Empire as he calls it) is cool. Jainia being in love with his also great (and we know that this ultimately lead to Star Wars Legacy 200 hundred years later..). Those elements are good and represent the best parts of this book.

The book is well written and some of the plot segments are ok but it’s poorly stitched together overall, especially for a first book in the series. There is no big climax in this book that all great Star Wars books must have. There is no payoff for reading through till the end, no reward or big fanfare. It’s just kinda there and that is disappointing.

Will I continue to read this series? Sure. But i won’t be buying these expensive hardcover books in the store. I’ll just wait until my local library gets them.


1. Lord Maloch - May 5, 2009

2. Bored - Michael - May 8, 2009

Well I guess that’s the proof of it, I didn’t even know that the beginning of a new series was out which surely wouldn’t have escaped my notice prior to that literary abortion that was LOTF; thanks Delrey you’ve killed Star Wars for me.

3. Lord Maloch (Declan) - June 3, 2009

I can’t say that Del Ray, as much as I’m frustrated with them, I wouldn’t say that they’ve killed Star Wars for me, it’s more like, they severly maimed it. Right now, for me, Star Wars EU is so maimed that’s it’s no more that a torso.

I’m reading the book. I got it from the library. I’ve read the Legacy comics up to the present issue. I think the Legacy comics are great. Very fresh and the charactors are just fine. That’s great and it’s as it should be. Though, how did this comic that is fairly new, become the template for the Novels?? Why did the Legacy novels have to end by starting the begining of the Legacy comics backstory line?

My worry is: Are we settling for whatever these guys want to write. These are the people (del ray) that may right the deaths of all our core charactors! That doesn’t sit well at all. Especially after our last series. What exactly do we have to look forward to from the rest of the EU years left while it’s in Del Rays hands? I hope gret things and amaizing plots. Though judging from the last series ( and the last book in that series) who’s to say that the’re not going…batch it up?

May the force be with us readers and EU fans.

4. Bored - Michael - June 6, 2009

Perhaps, though if I was maimed to the point that I was just a torso I’d just as soon someone finished me off. Which is my overall opinion of what’s come to pass with these novels.

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