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Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade – What will it sell for? July 27, 2007

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How many quarters have I sunk into a machine just like this one? I wish i knew…

In another installment of neat Star Wars stuff on eBay – this week we’ve found a Star Wars Trilogy Deluxe Arcade unit in perfect working order according to the seller.

This isn’t the original arcade game but the reworked one that came out in 1998 where you get to play all the movies. I always got stuck in the lightsaber battle with Vader (though i think it was cursed with a sticky controller in the arcades i visited).

If you’ve got the $$ and the space – or hey if you want to make some small money for your local retail establishment this might be the auction for you.

According to the seller, “Original cost was over $8,000 new. Buy it here for a fraction of that cost! It has steadily earned over $100 a week in my location.”

The seller has it listed for $3,000 or Best offer – so far he’s got one offer that he rejected.
Take a look for yourself on the eBay auction page


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