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Knights of the Old Republic #40 Dueling Ambitions part 2. Zayne is still a hero May 4, 2009

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No he’s not a Jedi padawan anymore and he’s not a fugitive either..

but it sure does seem like Zayne is on the run in this issue..

This is the middle issue in this new story arc where Zayne is part of a live swoop sporting event where he’s trying to save himself and a few others.

We still don’t know what the deal is with Jarael and her force abilities..clearly that’s the big mystery that this series will continue to draw out.

How is this going to end? We’ll see in 30 days..

Knights of the Old Republic #39 -Dueling Ambitions part 1 – AWESOME March 31, 2009

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Knights of the Old Republic continues to impress in this post Zane on the run era.

This is the beginning of a new story arc – with a sport theme too..

Still early but the basic premise is cool a corrupt sporting association with a man who has his son trapped in the system –

Zane is about to get involved and it’s all supposed to be a scam..

but it isn’t is it?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #38 — Faithful Execution February 24, 2009

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A single issue stand alone story?

Really? Yup that what this issue of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is – a standalone. A whole story in one issue no need for another..and it’s pretty decent.

Sure it’s a basic – ship lost in space then found the only survivor is the killer story – but it’s still kinda fun..

What makes this one particularly interesting is the art. At first I thought it a little weird – it’s more of a sketch style – but it does grow on you and it does give this one off story a really cool feel.

Only question left after this issue is the same one we’ve been asking for a the three – which is What’s Up with Jarael? She’s got some kind of funky power, force sensitive stuff but what is it?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #37–Prophet Motive part 2 (of 2) January 28, 2009

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The double double cross is in!!

Great issue seeing Gryph doing what he does best – namely swindle others – including swindlers!!

The only problem we had with this issue is how the heck did Jarael escape the negotiation room?

Is she Force-sensitive somehow?

When did that happen?

Oh what’s the deal with Zayne is he still a ‘Jedi’ or not? Guess we’ll find out….

Black Friday 2008 Comic Book Deals November 27, 2008

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It’s that time again – and it’s a great time for some great comic book deals. TFAW has some really great ones this year – here’s their full list of Black Friday door crashers – and  here’s the ShowMeSciFi.com short list of some of our favs:

Serenity Valley Topographical Map Lithograph–Save 40%
The battle for Serenity Valley was the final decisive battle in the Unification War in Joss Whedon’s popular Firefly television series.

Save 50% on Joker HC– Just $9.99
The Crown Prince of Crime has been released from Gotham, and he’s ready to have some fun! Be sure to pick up this brand-new original graphic novel. It’s dark, funny as hell, and just might give you new insight into Batman’s greatest foe!

Then there are the Nick and Dents – this are the graphic novels that have minor imperfection and are already marked down  – but now they’re dropping the price by 60 percent on some titles. We’ve bought a bunch of Star Wars graphic novels this way – and to be honest in most cases we couldn’t even find where the nick or dent was.

Here’s one crazy nick and dent deal – the first Star Wars Legacy Trade paperback for only $7.18.

The first Knights of the Old Republic Trade paperback for only $7.58

There are also whole sets of Star Wars Tales and Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Empire graphic novels at 60 percent off too.

Lot’s of good deals to be had there for sure.