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Star Wars: Legacy #36 -Krayt Imperials vs Fel Imperials vs Galactic Alliance June 1, 2009

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One of the best parts about Star Wars Legacy is the complexity of the larger Star Wars universe.
But sometimes it gets a little too complex.

In this issue we get a one off story updating us on the status of the Galactic Alliance fleet which is now allied with Roan Fel’s Imperial Fleet.

They run into an engagement with Krayt’s imperials – and guess what?
The Imperials – Krayt or Fel’s all kinda look the same. Come to think of Stazi’s GA ships all look like Imperial star destroyers too (cause the y are)

We had to re-read several sections of this issue several times to try and keeps sides straight and figure out who was who (and on which side).

That’s kinda neat actually ..a little confusing but again it shows the complexity of the Legacy universe.

Missing from this issue are the Jedi – who apparently have no fleets of their own and are just bystanders in this whole movement of Armada’s business

Black Friday 2008 Comic Book Deals November 27, 2008

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It’s that time again – and it’s a great time for some great comic book deals. TFAW has some really great ones this year – here’s their full list of Black Friday door crashers – and  here’s the ShowMeSciFi.com short list of some of our favs:

Serenity Valley Topographical Map Lithograph–Save 40%
The battle for Serenity Valley was the final decisive battle in the Unification War in Joss Whedon’s popular Firefly television series.

Save 50% on Joker HC– Just $9.99
The Crown Prince of Crime has been released from Gotham, and he’s ready to have some fun! Be sure to pick up this brand-new original graphic novel. It’s dark, funny as hell, and just might give you new insight into Batman’s greatest foe!

Then there are the Nick and Dents – this are the graphic novels that have minor imperfection and are already marked down  – but now they’re dropping the price by 60 percent on some titles. We’ve bought a bunch of Star Wars graphic novels this way – and to be honest in most cases we couldn’t even find where the nick or dent was.

Here’s one crazy nick and dent deal – the first Star Wars Legacy Trade paperback for only $7.18.

The first Knights of the Old Republic Trade paperback for only $7.58

There are also whole sets of Star Wars Tales and Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars Empire graphic novels at 60 percent off too.

Lot’s of good deals to be had there for sure.

Buckaroo Banzai : The Prequel #1 August 30, 2008

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It’s been years since last I heard the name Buckaroo Banzai (remember the 80’s flic with Peter Weller?) and now he’s back…well at least as a comic book hero.

Moonstone which is a publisher i’ve never heard of before has picked up Buckaroo Banzai for this 2 issue micro series prequel. The art is very weak in this book and the first issue ends abruptly without even an ..To Be Continued.. when we’re at the final frame.

The basics of the story are alright giving us insight into the man that Buckaroo is (prior to the movie) and his time challenge to figure out how to enter the eighth dimension while still being a rock star.

If this publisher picked up some real art talent this comic would likely be far more appealing. As it is, I’ll likely buy the second issue just because but it is extremely unlikely that we will ever review another Moonstone title, the artwork is just that bad.

Then again the original movie was really campy cheesy stuff too..check out the trailer below for a reminder…aaaaaaaaaaaah the 80’s…

Free Comic Book Day 2008 – Fun Wow May 4, 2008

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Free Comic Book Day really should be a national holiday…the local comic book shop had balloons out front and a big sign too…

The store was packed when i got there (usually it isn’t that time of day on a Saturday) and I didn’t recognize any of the people in the store — except for the dude that owns that store that I know.

It’s great to see to new ‘fans’ attracted to the offer of free comic books, i wonder if any of them will be back next week though.

As opposed to last year when there was a Battlestar Galactica title (Season Zero), this years pickings for SciFi fans were a little slimmer. There was a Virgin Comics sampler with Dan Dare (which i’ve already ready and it’s not something i’ll ever read again, way too pulpy and weak art too..). But hey always a good haul of titles for the kiddies…