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Star Wars: Legacy #36 -Krayt Imperials vs Fel Imperials vs Galactic Alliance June 1, 2009

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One of the best parts about Star Wars Legacy is the complexity of the larger Star Wars universe.
But sometimes it gets a little too complex.

In this issue we get a one off story updating us on the status of the Galactic Alliance fleet which is now allied with Roan Fel’s Imperial Fleet.

They run into an engagement with Krayt’s imperials – and guess what?
The Imperials – Krayt or Fel’s all kinda look the same. Come to think of Stazi’s GA ships all look like Imperial star destroyers too (cause the y are)

We had to re-read several sections of this issue several times to try and keeps sides straight and figure out who was who (and on which side).

That’s kinda neat actually ..a little confusing but again it shows the complexity of the Legacy universe.

Missing from this issue are the Jedi – who apparently have no fleets of their own and are just bystanders in this whole movement of Armada’s business


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