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Jaina Solo Will Be on Cover of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Invincible November 9, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy of the Force is the final book in the series – and LucasFilm has now confirmed that Jacen’s sister Jaina will be on the cover.

As of the date of this posting – no image cover for the book was publicly avaiable.

Invincible is set for a May 13, 2008 release in hardcover and is being penned by the best krifing author of the series Troy Denning.

Does Jaina on the cover mean that she’ll destroy Jacen?

Does it mean that she too will turn to the Sith?

I think so…I expect Jaina to marry Fel – from whose offspring Roan Fel will emerge. Roan Fel though not officially Sith – is kinda/sorta there with his whole ‘i’m the Emperor’ deal.


1. Grand Admiral Wilhelm - February 28, 2008

As far as I can tell the easiest way for someone to kill Jacen is with a giant capital ship loaded with weapons if he is on the ground or in a capital ship. OR you could have Jaina kill him in a starfighter duel (she’s at least as good a pilot as Mara and the only times Jacen comes close to dying is when he is in a star fighter.) The Mandolorians keep coming up and I see a Jedi-Mandolorian-Hapes Consortium alliance in the future that could quite possibly A) Bombard Jacen from space. B) Kill him in space with those Basilisk Fighters. OR C) Destroy him while he is on board the “Anakin Solo” with overwhelming firepower or with Admiral Daala’s Crystal Phase weapon thing that she should have used in Revelation when she had the chance. I also beleive that Jaina will turn to the darkside. This will alienate Zekk who would never turn to the darkside. And leave a way open for Jag to step in since he isn’t in tune with the force and the two sides mean nothing to him.
Another possible ending is that Jacen will kill off all the Oldie Moldies from the original series but not before his Mother kills him in disgust by cutting open a window on the Anakin Solo like the dream that Jacen had at one point.

2. Star Wars Legacy of the Force Invincible OUT TODAY!! « Show Me SciFi - May 13, 2008

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