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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Invincible : REVIEW May 26, 2008

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invincible.jpg*Warning* The following review may contain material that some might consider to spoiler material * Read at your risk*

Star Wars Legacy of the Force started out as one of the best Star Wars series in recent years – and now with Invincible it has apparently come to a conclusion. The only problem is the final resolution (after 7 books of building to it) really doesn’t solve the deep and intricate political problems that this series was originally all about.

Invincible follows , Revelation, Fury, Sacrifice, Exile, Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest. That’s a lot of books and a lot of action, drama, intrigue and new developments in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Legacy of the Force started with the split of the Galactic Alliance with the spinoff of the Correllian Confederation. That was an awesome plot line angle and one that carried nicely in every book in this series – EXCEPT FOR THE LAST ONE!. Magically at the end of this one – everything is ok…when the premise of why the Confederation existed in the first place had nothing at all to do with Jacen Solo.

Yes this series from beginning till end was about Jacen Solo – his decent into the dark side, becoming Darth Caedus, becoming the Chief of State, taking out his rival Admiral Niathal, killing his Aunt Mara Jade, and become a hated man by everyone in the Galaxy including his family.

Where was Niathal in Invincible? (he was invisible). Where was Mara Jade (not even a Force Ghost?? come on)

So after all the build up on multiple plot lines – the only one that the final book resolves is the one involving Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus. This series was more intricate than being about just one man or problem. It’s a krifing shame that there weren’t a few extra chapters in this very short book to just even out the ending a bit. Admiral Daala is only mentioned in the third person yet someone she rises to become leader of a new unified Galactic Alliance – HUh? (What about the Senate don’t they get a say??)

But the big plot line – the one that we’ve known about since February of this year is that the Sword of the Jedi would defeat Caedus. And yes I was totally stoked by the kill.

Despite the other issues I have with this book – being the last book of an awesome series that doesn’t do justice by not clearing up plot line development – the end of Caedus was cool.

He let the sentence trail off as the door opened on its own, revealing a dark-uniformed woman with an athletic build and brown, furious eyes.


A light saber snap-hissed to life, and suddenly Caedus felt as though he were going to vomit fire….

Jaina came to a knee facing him and knew Caedus was about to die. He had one arm and one good leg, and they were not even on the same side of the body. He could not pivot and he could not retreat.”

How awesome is that?! Sure you could think of it like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail (“It’s only a flesh wound!)..but still kinda cool and solid story telling. Too bad it was not the full story conclusion that this series really deserved.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Invincible OUT TODAY!! May 13, 2008

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invincible.jpgFinally it’s here!! The final book in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force series is out!

We’ve had some really healthy discussion about this for months on this site and there are heated opinions all around.

For now though I’m personally going to savor every page and take some time to read this final episode in this series.

For better or for worse Legacy of the Force has been a VERY  eventful series, splitting the Galaxy, families and fans alike.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation OUT TODAY! February 26, 2008

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The Eighth book in this awesome series – Star Wars Legacy of the Force : Revelation is OUT TODAY!!

We got our copy at about Noon and what a glorious event it was.

The local bookshop had just set up a whole display of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation in the Bestsellers area in the front of the store. They also had a few dozen copies in the regular SciFi section.

I guess we’re not the only ones who read this stuff.

As always we tend to read these a bit slowly (a week or so) to savor every page. True this is Karen Travis the SUCKIEST AUTHOR IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE KILLER OF MARA JADE – but hey it’s the second to last book in the serious , how badly could she screw this up?

We’ve been waiting for this book for months and it’s great to finally see it on the shelf (and now in our hands!!)

Star Wars Legacy of the Force : Invincible – Will Jaina Kill Jacen? February 2, 2008

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invincible.jpgWe’ve known since at least November that Jaina would be on the cover of the final book of the Legacy of the Force series.

Now the first images of the actual book cover are available and it looks to us that she’s going to have a showdown with her brother Jacen – Darth Caedus.

That is a confrontation that is – Inevitable – maybe that should’ve been the name of the book. Then again maybe Invincible refers to Jacen/Caedus….

Invincible’s release date is set for May 13, 2008. Amazon is already taking pre-orders on this the final installment of the Legacy of the Force – it’s a hardcover so it’s more dough than the paperbacks. Amazon currently has a neat offer though, they’re starting at 34% off list price and if you pre-order now they’ll give you an extra 5% discount. Sure beat paying full price the day it comes out..but i wonder if they’ll actually ship it to arrive on May 13th..

Star Wars Legacy #18 – Cade Skywalker Kills the Sith Hottie January 7, 2008

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The last 17 issues of Legacy have been awesome and issue number 18 continues that tradition.

We finally learn of the link between Darth Krayt and Darth Caedus – the critical link that connects Star Wars Legacy with the New Jedi Order and Legacy of the Force books.

It’s a fine link – essentially Vergere – the same Jedi creation that changed Jacen Solo did the same kind of thing to Hett/Darth Krayt while onboard a Vong Cruiser.

The Sith that are hiding out on Korriban in the time of Legacy of the Force (that Lumiya and Alema Rar knew) are the same as Krayt’s Sith…hurray! Anything else likely would not have made sense and would have messed up continuity and canon.

Beyond the end of Darth Krayt explaining how he came into being..we see the Vong’s Embrace of Pain (yup that sucker) but as opposed to Jacen Solo (and maybe Ben Skywalker too?) it doesn’t mess up Cade…too much (yet).

Perhaps most importantly though…Cade sees a vision of his Dad – Kol Skywalker – and rejects the Sith – fighting his way out and killing (or so we think) the Sith hottie herself..Darth Talon (yeah her…the awesome Twi’lek that Cade hooks up with and the same that is on the cover of issue zero of Legacy.

Again the artwork is sheer brilliance and is the best of any current ongoing Star Wars series.

It will be VERY interesting to see what happens next as Cade’s MAMA and Cade’s ole bounty hunting pals help him out to escape the clutches of Krayt…

Oh and what about Roan Fel and his daughter?

Lots of stuff for us to get caught up on…and then of course there is Vector….man oh man…if Legacy was a weekly series i don’t think it would be enough!!

Is Darth Talon really dead? We’ll see…one thing is for sure, i don’t think she’ll easily be forgotten.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Fury – Review December 13, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Fury has a furious pace. From end to end the characters are engaged in battle, some larger than others.

This isn’t the best book in the series but it is in the top two. The conflict/civil war continues to be very confusing all around and this book doesn’t simplify the conflict much.

In terms of plot it ends a few plot lines : Centerpoint and Alema Rar. It also closes the loop on the secrecy of Allanna which is neat.

But the book is still space opera..with dozens of loose ends..which is of course why there are still more books to follow.

The double life of Caedus/Solo continues to be annoying…he’s the only one that knows he’s a ‘real’ Sith..and the real ‘Sith’ for some reason continue to remain in the shadows. I hope we’ll see more of the Korriban Sith sooner rather than later.

Overall 3.5 out of five stars for this latest book in the Star Wars Legacy saga.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Fury – Chapter by Chapter Spoiler Summary November 21, 2007

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No Star Wars Legacy of the Force Fury is not yet on the shelves (it’s not out officially until November 27th). Yes Random House has sent out review copies (we didn’t get one though we asked) and one of them has resulted in a full 38 chapter review full of all the spoilers you don’t want to read.

We’ll hold out till we have a bona fide copy…


If you just can’t wait and your really want to know…GO HERE.

Jaina Solo Will Be on Cover of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Invincible November 9, 2007

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Star Wars Legacy of the Force is the final book in the series – and LucasFilm has now confirmed that Jacen’s sister Jaina will be on the cover.

As of the date of this posting – no image cover for the book was publicly avaiable.

Invincible is set for a May 13, 2008 release in hardcover and is being penned by the best krifing author of the series Troy Denning.

Does Jaina on the cover mean that she’ll destroy Jacen?

Does it mean that she too will turn to the Sith?

I think so…I expect Jaina to marry Fel – from whose offspring Roan Fel will emerge. Roan Fel though not officially Sith – is kinda/sorta there with his whole ‘i’m the Emperor’ deal.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Inferno – Review September 24, 2007

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inferno.jpgI’ve finally finished Star Wars Legacy of the Force Book 6 Inferno – and I’m not angry or even disappointed. IN fact I think that Inferno is one of the better books in this whole series. Inferno follows follows Sacrifice, Exile, Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest.

Star Wars Legacy of the Force Inferno is a pleasant reminder why I enjoy Star Wars books (especially Legacy of the Force) so very much. The last book Sacrifice, was a disaster in more ways than one. The worst offense (beyond killing Mara – oh and be sure to add your name to the Bring Back Mara Petition) was the trite, mundane and inspired writing that was offensively bad. Simply put Karen Travis shouldn’t be writing Star Wars.

Now Inferno by Troy Denning is another story altogether and a very good one at that. The prose is crisp, the descriptions are tight as is the plot. Without getting into details (last warning ahead of a spoiler alert) there were enough twists and turns that made sense in this one to really make it a legitimate ‘page turner.’

Now onto the deeper discussion.





After the death of Mara in Sacrifice, I had expected Inferno to be mostly about Mara and tracking her killer. Luckily it wasn’t. Instead the civil war that is the whole premise for Legacy of the Force expands in marvelously new intricate ways.

The turbolaser bombardment of the Wookie homeworld was a total shocker and a brilliant plot twist as was Tenel Ka’s ultimate decision to open fire on Jacen.

I didn’t expect Ben to actually kill Cal Omas but , wow…another solid twist.

The discovery of MANY Sith on Korriban is a FANTASTIC revelation – these are likely the Sith from which Darth Krayt (also known as A’Sharad Hett) comes from.

And of course adding to the great complexity of this series, the Jedi abandoning the Alliance – or as Luke puts it – there is no Alliance with Jacen.

ooooooh and last but definitely not least – the faked death of Luke Skywalker himself. The author did a masterful job of painting that picture – of Luke’s death and though i didn’t want too..i believed it (for a few pages at least) just as Jacen did.

As if there wasn’t enough complexity in this Galactic Civil War – there is now even more and that makes for some great story telling.

As opposed to the New Jedi Order – Legacy of the Force is taking twists that are not trite, they’re actually really well conceived. It’s a shame that Karen Travis is such a poor writer…but Troy Denning really is a star.