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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation OUT TODAY! February 26, 2008

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The Eighth book in this awesome series – Star Wars Legacy of the Force : Revelation is OUT TODAY!!

We got our copy at about Noon and what a glorious event it was.

The local bookshop had just set up a whole display of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Revelation in the Bestsellers area in the front of the store. They also had a few dozen copies in the regular SciFi section.

I guess we’re not the only ones who read this stuff.

As always we tend to read these a bit slowly (a week or so) to savor every page. True this is Karen Travis the SUCKIEST AUTHOR IN THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE KILLER OF MARA JADE – but hey it’s the second to last book in the serious , how badly could she screw this up?

We’ve been waiting for this book for months and it’s great to finally see it on the shelf (and now in our hands!!)


1. Kev - February 27, 2008

I’m almost finished reading it!

2. ODA - March 1, 2008

SPOILERS AHEAD. So, finally some good things happening. Ben really grows up, he finally gathers some objective evidence that Caedus did kill Mara, and shares that with Luke, Leia, Han and Jaina. Both he and Luke see Mara as a force ghost (does this mean she is not coming back, grrr :-(. We find out what happened to Bardika (the Jedi turned Mandalorian from the Republic commando series) and of course Venku (the son of a female Jedi and a clone), but not the full story, so I ‘m really looking forward to the Order 66 coming out in August. Also, some good developments in Jaina’s character, becoming more mature as she trains along Fett. Fett (and his family) point out that Jedi are not infallible and there are a few things they could do different…reminds me a little of the scolding that Mara gave to Luke when they were together in Nirauan.
I was disappointed with Caedus (how can he be so stupid) and Tahiri (stupid, stupid). Caedus does away with Niathal but also becomes more isolated as more people realize what he is. Tenel Ka and Allana do not show up neither do Han/ Leia. That’s one thing in Legacy series, the authors focus on only some of the heroes.
All in all, an excellent book, the mandalorian blending nicely with the Jedi (what goes around comes around), but let’s hope we see more of Mara (please, even as a force ghost).

3. darth who has returned from stasis - March 2, 2008

great book as usual.

jacens a very powerful punk. he keeps saying book after book that he has now seen lukes full power.NOPE YOU HAVENT CAEDUS.

mara was cool but some speech would have been nice.

someone besides karen traviss is gonna be allowed to write about fett and the others. YAY travis is a greedy bitch with that usually.

4. poo - March 23, 2008

It was a really good bnook

5. jacen solo - March 23, 2008

mara comes back as a force ghost

6. jacen solo - March 23, 2008

massive spoilers coming in this book

7. POO - March 23, 2008


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