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Star Wars Legacy of the Force : Invincible – Will Jaina Kill Jacen? February 2, 2008

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invincible.jpgWe’ve known since at least November that Jaina would be on the cover of the final book of the Legacy of the Force series.

Now the first images of the actual book cover are available and it looks to us that she’s going to have a showdown with her brother Jacen – Darth Caedus.

That is a confrontation that is – Inevitable – maybe that should’ve been the name of the book. Then again maybe Invincible refers to Jacen/Caedus….

Invincible’s release date is set for May 13, 2008. Amazon is already taking pre-orders on this the final installment of the Legacy of the Force – it’s a hardcover so it’s more dough than the paperbacks. Amazon currently has a neat offer though, they’re starting at 34% off list price and if you pre-order now they’ll give you an extra 5% discount. Sure beat paying full price the day it comes out..but i wonder if they’ll actually ship it to arrive on May 13th..


1. Bored - Michael - August 25, 2008

Personally I don’t intend to, I can get a synopsis online if I really care to find out or failing that borrow them from the library. This series was ultimately nothing but shock tactics used to sell the better part of a hundred dollars worth of books to people who are foolish enough to like reading.
I wonder though if Del Rey considered that because some people (such as myself) liked reading the EU because of the “ongoing” story not just because it has a big “STAR WARS” on the front; frankly I doubt it because after what they did with this series it seems like they are of the mind that every one of their customers is someone who sits around wearing a stormtrooper outfit and can’t wait to go to McDonalds for Clone Wars happy meal toys…

In regards to the Legacy comics which some of the authors are now falling back on to “justify the outcome” (read: blame the outcome) I also wonder if perhaps Darkhorse didn’t make this new new series of theirs at right angles to the novels because the authors of the novel series by and large did a pretty good job pretending their “Dark Empire” series (I believe was the title, its been awhile) didn’t exist.

To people who contend that this was a good series because of all the deaths, be they written or simply just character assassination and that it “shook up” the EU novels, I might give that argument a little (very very little) bit more credibility if it weren’t for that neat little bow Denning put on everything in the last few pages of his ridiculously short book he claims he “labored over.”

The way in which everything is essentially back to normal and everyone just moves on with their lives made the ludicrous storytelling where everything went from bad to worse, to even worse to worst makes what they did with all the characters seem trite and even spiteful.

Ha, there is a lot of speculation on the Star Wars forums about whether Timothy Zahn is going to be brought on to write something for “damage control,” given that in the end this series essentially killed three of his personal character additions (granted he never did anything with Jacen.) I would imagine he’d rather just kill off every character created by Allston and Traviss. I’d mention Denning but aside from “Allana” (and I doubt anyone is going to be sending a gradeschooler down a black hole or anything) I can’t think of anything Denning has actually contributed; save bugs of course but then leaving them crawling around is probably worse for him than killing them off. After all there is a reason all those Starship Trooper sequals are straight to dvd..

2. FatalFist - September 4, 2008

I agree….Jacen turning to the dark side over some stupid logic that didnt even MAKE SeNSE!!!!…I mean…He KILLS A FELLOW Jedi jusT becuz of a stupid thing that Jacen saw in his vision….and sth Nelani DIDNT EVEN seE=s….pathetic….If u wanted someone to go to the dark-side…oK so Jacen was the most Alluring prospect…BUT I beleave that calling Vegere a SITH is WRONG…becuz if she was Sith…then she wud never hav stopped the Deadly Yuuzhan Vong Virus frm releasing…becuz the Virus would make sense as Far as the Sith are concerned…The stupid balance they talk abt….The Virus gets the JOB DONE…its ruthless…the SACRIFICE is Zonama Sekot…maybe someother plant or animal in some planet…but so wat…as Faar as the Sith thinkin goes…get the job done…so why did Vergere stop it frm being released!!!!
Clearly wat I would like is Jacen goin back in time and getting Anakin back—and then Ankakin is the one who kills him/strips him off his force powers/topples his scheme/BUT Jacen becomes a Hermit the way he wanted to anyways///So everybodies Happy???…I wud be

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