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Inside Star Trek XI – What’s a USS Kelvin? October 16, 2008

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EW has an inside scoop on Star XI this month. Lots of pics and some interesting insight into J J Abrams maddness of a remake. He also gave away the plot in the interview


The EW interview confirms that the movie will be a time travel film. The USS Kelvin is attacked by the Eric Bana character Nero which sets off a series events that shakes up time. Along the way the film goes into the origins of the classic Enterprise crew with a key focus on James Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock (Zachary Quinto).

Time travel is great but how many time travel Star Trek movies do we need? Star Trek IV was time travel (to save the whales). Star Trek First Contact was time travel too….wouldn’t it have been more fun to have a mirror universe movie??

By going the time travel route – Abrams is showing his lack on imagination. There are so many other great things that SciFi can do from a plot point of view – time travel is a dated and far too well worn plot tool.

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1. Jahad - October 28, 2008

well this is simply star trek always a time travel thing….never aything original

now stargate that something thats creative and original

they say that star trek is dead in the water and they want to re-vamp it

time travel?

not the way mate….

2. njgarrod - November 7, 2008

I’m excited.

Star Trek has some of the best thought out time travel stories.

Other franchises don’t worry as much about messing up the timeline.
Star Trek does.

3. Kyle - May 6, 2009

Time travel is the perfect way to reboot the Star Trek franchise. After changing history they will no longer by bound by 40 years of canon.

4. Sfiguy - May 13, 2009

dont compare Star Trek to stargate, Star trek doesnt suck

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