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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #50 The Series Finale February 25, 2010

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After 50 issues it’s over.

None of us will be getting Dark Horse Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic new issues ever again.

It’s kind of sad – and it marks the end of an era.

KOTOR never did truly live up to the fantastic plot of the video games and nearly every issue had a letter in it when some reader or the other wondered when the plots would overlap. Sure we saw Malak and Revan, but never for much more than a few cells in an issue.

This final issue kinda/sorta ends off some loose ends.

At long last Zayne and Jarael get a little friendly which is sooo very long overdue.

Will we miss KOTOR – maybe – but reality is this series could have been better, though it did have its highlights. The arc when Zayne confronts the Adascas was awesome as was the final confrontation with Hazen in issue #33- that was the best wasn’t it?

Now the word is that series author John Jackson Miller will be back later this year with Star Wars Jedi another old republic title – and that’s a good thing.  The era of the Old Republic is on that demands at least one ongoing Star Wars title at all times.

So long and fair well Zayne Carrick – it was a fun ride while it lasted.


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