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Star Wars Legacy #49 – What Now Dark Horse???? July 12, 2010

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It’s hard to believe and accept that Star Wars Legacy is almost done.
Issue #49 is the second last issue and there is so much left undiscovered and unresolved.
So we’ve got Cade still on a Sith killing mission and that’s great, he’s now on Utapau knocking down the sith and he’ll come in contact with the Galactic Alliance too for the first time in…oh what 50 issues?!!

The Princess Fel being held by her former Imperial Knight master – now turned Sith – is kinda of a neat twist too..but with so much going on , it’s impact is marginal.

How will this series end? Will Fel return to control? Where is Krayt? Will Cade Skywalker become the Emperor?

so very many things going on..this series could AND SHOULD continued for a very long time.

It’s a shame and a travesty that Dark Horse is ending this series at #50. They’ve promised some kind of surprise — so we’ll see what they’ve got in store…but seeing as Legacy is without a doubt ..THE GREATEST STAR WARS COMIC OF ALL TIME …we doubt they’ll surprise us.
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