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Star Trek Enterprise Kobayashi Maru January 9, 2009

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startrekkm The name Kobayashi Maru has been known to Star Trek fans for the past 25 years when it first appeared in Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan…But now there is new piece of the Kobashi Maru legend.

Enterprise (yes that suckky show that got cancelled a 4 seasons too late) is now adding a few chapters to the Maru saga…and they’re GOOOOOOD.

The basics are still kinda/sorta the same the freighter send a distress signal, once the ship get there they get jumped by three Klingon Birds of Prey. The similarities end there though.

This novel adds a new layer of Romulan complexity and duplicity while adding new plot to the Enterprise story. And Archer’s version of the no-win ? Not quite what I expected.

For starters – Commander Trip is ALIVE!

The characters in this novel are brilliantly written as is the plot. We weren’t fans of the Enterprise TV show but this book has made us a believer in the power of AWESOME story telling. Pacing is excellent as our the twists and turns that make this a real page t

We’re now fully on board for Enterprise as a book series and we’re looking forward to the next novel in the series.

Oh and just in case you don’t remember, here’s the legendary Kobayashi Maru scene from Star Trek II


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