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Caprica – Is Tamra Adama going to take over Vworld? March 1, 2010

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Caprica is a slow show – but the last two episodes (5&6) especially this week’s episode There Is Another Sky really are helping to pick the show up.

The Greystone’s are now finally starting to build out the Cylon race – hurrah! since we suspect that Daniel Greystone is one of the final 6 cylons.

The whole Adama plot line is a bit weak – except for the resurgence of Tamra. We did not see that coming.

She goes from being this meek teenager that can’t feel her heart – to now being an invincible weapon in the holobands. Wow.  Yes Joseph Adama will find her and it will be…’interesting’

Eventually Daniel Greystone will have to figure out that the Cylon race is being driven by Zoe’s avatar too – or will he?

And of course — we still need to find out about the soldiers of the one.


1. Randal - March 1, 2010

I don’t understand…why do you keep saying that Daniel is one of the “final 6 Cylons”? The meatbag Cylons don’t even exist yet…The Final Five are still in transit from Earth and haven’t come near the Colonies. Could the eventually-boxed Cylon be named AFTER Daniel? That’s possible, but Daniel Greystone is not a Cylon.

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