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Star Wars Legacy #25 Cade and the Princess June 26, 2008

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Last time Cade saw the Princess Fel he was saving her from the Sith.

Now what — a year later he finally sees her again and there is no emotion at all. Seemed a bit odd.

Cade coming to the hidden Jedi Temple however is very cool great to see the Jedi still have an organized home of some sort and that maybe they’ll send out a hit squad to Kill Darth Krayt.

The issue with the Jedi that ‘killed’ Cade’s pal’s dad is going to be interesting to see how it plays out…

but the big thing of course is the coming three way alliance between Jedi, Imperial Knights and the Galactic Alliance against the Sith.

This series never disappoints and i’m wonderng how the big alliance will be impacted by Vector and the Muir Talisman when it hits them later this year.


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