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Star Wars Legacy War #3 – Jedi/Fel Imperials and Galactic Alliance Join to Crush the Sith March 7, 2011

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Wow…where do we begin to review a comic as fantastic as Dark Horse’s Star Wars Legacy War #3?

After 52 issues, Morrigan Cade finally reveals herself to her son an Nyna Calixte – SHOCKING that after all this time, he had no idea about the double life…

Yet he still knew about his sister…

Andwhat was up with Darth Talon showing up with a carbonite slab?

COME ON? Don’t tell me that Cade couldn’t smell a trap..that just seems odd…then again..it’s a trap within a trap within a trap isn’t it?

Cade figured he outsmarted Krayt by making a stand, which as it turns is exactly what Krayt figured Cade would do…


For the first time ever we have the Galactic Alliance, Roan Fel’s Empire, Krayt’s Empire and the Jedi in one place.WOW.

wE CAN hardly wait till next month to see the action unfold.

Star Wars Legacy #21 – Return of the GA? March 23, 2008

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I like this Admiral Stazi and its too bad this is only a two issue story arc.

SOLID STUFF..good characters, good dialogue, good action.
The fact that Stazi has no Jedi with him is surprising..not sure why the Jedi and the GA wouldn’t be more closely aligned.

Then again perhaps we’ll see that in a future arc..when Cade joins the GA..wouldn’t that be sweet?

Anyways a solid mini-story within the awesome Legacy universe, it’s now time to see what else is going on…like where is Roan Fel???

Star Wars Legacy #20 The end of the Galactic Alliance March 10, 2008

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After 6 plus issues of nothing by Cade Skywalker it’s great to see ‘the other side’ (or at least of them) in the massive universe that is Star Wars Legacy.

The Galactic Alliance (GA) or rather what’s left of it is still on the run … remember this isn’t just about Sith and Jedi

It’s not even about GA vs Empire..its wider…remember that we’ve got GA, Roan Fel’s Empire and then the Sith Empire ..and then the Jedi in between in various sections.

I don’t think i’ve ever seen the docking ring above the Mon Calamari homeworld which was awesome to see and the plot (as always) was fantastic.

Of course the Sith would want to finish off the GA, and what better way than a trap!