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Star Wars: Legacy #31–Vector part 12 – VECTOR IS OVER. Krayt is Dead. January 6, 2009

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No – not Vector in general – but this issue in particular was hands down – INCREDIBLE. It really finished off the plot elements first laid out in part 11 last month.

After 12 issues spanning the entire Dark Horse Star Wars canon Vector comes to an end – but the Vector angle and the Muir Talisman is almost a side-show in this final issue of Vector isn’t it?

Cade is so powerful in the force that Muir lasts what? One frame? Then he’s toast. Does that make Cade the most powerful Jedi in 40,000 years??

Too bad for Celeste Morne though – I was kind of hoping that she would somehow survive – but what was that about her thinking that Zayne Carrick sent Cade for her? Nonsense!

And poor Azlyn Rae – will she be healed?

But the biggest plot dev by far – and the only one that makes Vector as a series worthwhile is the defeat of Darth Krayt.

I did not see that one coming – nor did I see Darth Wrylock’s deception either – then again that’s the Sith way isn’t it?

Will Krayt return – i’d say it’s 50/50 at this point..but at least Vector is now done so we can finally get on with the rest of the Star Wars universe!

Was Vector a success?

As a loyal Dark Horse reader – i would have read all the titles anyways. I’m not sure that it pulled in new readers – but it was neat to have some small link spanning all the Star Wars titles. In the end though, Vector fell apart and the AWESOMENESS of Legacy just blew it out of the water.


1. Worship - January 9, 2009

I don’t believe Krayt is dead. Wryylok once suggested that Krayt be placed in Stasis again, i believe that was foreshadowing.

I think that Krayt made a clone of himself and the REAL Krayt went into Stasis, and the FAKE Krayt, who was probably brainwashed with sith sorcery to believe he actually was Darth Krayt (that would be the most effective way to ensure his identity stay a secret, if he didnt even know it). since before the FK (fake krayt) died he revealed a way to cure himself (least that’s what wookiepedia said, havent been to a comic store since i read Legacy 22) and Wyyrlok probaby extracted that information via the Force. Using this information, Wyyrlok will cure his master, and the Galaxy will plunge into darkness unless Cade, the Jedi, and the Imperial Knights can find a way to stop Darth Krayt.

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