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New Flash Gordon Actor Not a Flash Gordon Fan April 30, 2007

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You would think that a character like Flash Gordon that’s been around for more than 70 years would have a large and loyal fan base.

Apparently  Eric Johnson the smallville actor that SciFi has tapped to play Flash Gordon in the new series, only knew the name Flash Gordon and nothing about the character before he started preparing for the show. As reported by ShowMeSciFi in February SciFi is bringing back Flash Gordon for at least 22 episodes in a re-imagined series.

What kind of an idiotic move is this??! I mean COME ON! Who hasn’t seen the the 80’s Flash Gordon? It’s a cult freakin classic after all.

 “I didn’t know much more than the name Flash Gordon, but the Internet helped me a lot, and people sent me links,” Johnson said in an interview . “There was this Biography Channel bio on Flash Gordon that talked about the mythology and the writers and the actors. Then it was interesting just finding out what other people knew.” Johnson’s own grandmother was a reader of the original newspaper comic strip, which was created in 1934 by legendary comic-strip artist Alex Raymond and is still distributed internationally by King Features Syndicate.

Though the new Flash series has found it’s Flash (who doesn’t know Flash) it has yet to cast for Dr. Hans Zarkov and Dale Arden, Flash’s love interest. It is unknown as to who is cast as Ming the Merciless but here’s hoping he’s a Flash Gordon fan and not some washed up reject.


1. John Campbell Rees - May 1, 2007

This does not sound promising, does it. Even if he hasn’t seen the ’80’s movie, he must have heard the theme song by the mighty Queen.

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4. darth who - August 13, 2007

it fucking sucked. this kid made smallville boring before lana became a pain in the ass.

the chicks were kinda hot though

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