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Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Line in the Sand April 20, 2007

Posted by showmescifi in science fiction, sciencefiction, scifi, stargate, stargate sg1.

Not a bad episode but not a great one either.

Something goes wrong when SG-1 attempts to use Merlin’s phasing device to hide a village from the Ori army, forcing Mitchell and the critically wounded Carter to hide themselves out of phase from an occupation force of ruthless Ori soldiers

It’s entirely predictable and not particularly challenging except for Vala’s Ori husband who defies the prior.

Beyond that…looking forward to the next episode….countdown to the series finale is still on…


1. SFG - April 23, 2007

It amuses me that you are still reporting on Stargate. We saw the end of it weeks and weeks ago. (8+)

2. Morjana - April 23, 2007

For those viewers in the United States, who have NOT seen the new episodes as yet, we appreciate and look forward to your comments.

3. showmescifi - April 23, 2007

Thnx for the vote of support Morjana. SFG does make me wonder though…why don’t we get Stargate first?

4. SFG - April 24, 2007

It was the same with the ending of Babylon 5 all those years ago.
It’s been a good few weeks now since we saw the episodes that are now beeing screened in the US (I’m in the UK, if you hadn’t already guessed).
I think it’s because it’s the end of the series and the station over here that screens the show doesn’t want to be made to wait for the final few episodes.
When we get a show over here the stations like to screen it without breaks, unlike in the US.

5. SFG - April 25, 2007

I would just like to point out that my first comment was in no way knocking the efforts of showmescifi with regards to posting about SG-1, or any other topic.
It’s a sterling effort and I think the fact that I’m taking the time to post here should show that I’m a repeat visitor, so please, kepp up the good work showmescifi. (8+)

6. showmescifi - April 25, 2007

Thanks SFG.

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