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Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice was Really the Doctor’s Choice Wasn’t it? June 9, 2010

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Amy’s Choice was yet another solid episode in an unbroken stream of brilliant episodes so far with Matt Smith as the new Doctor.

What’s real and what’s not?

Obviously the Tardis had to be real right? How could the future – with Amy preggers living in a quiet town – be real?

The bad guy had to be the Master right?

Man were we wrong – and what an interesting twist. Both scenarios were the dream!! We didn’t see that coming at all. Amy didn’t really make the choice, the psychic beads made the choice for them all.

No companion ever really ends up with the Doctor — that’s just not the way the dude from Galyfrey rolls…

Doctor Who Vampires of Venice are Fish Aliens June 8, 2010

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The Vampires of Venice was an interesting ‘concept’ episode.

First off we’ve got the Doctor bringing Ms. Pond’s future husband back from his own time for a special date — wearing the shirt from his own stag party – nice.

But then they end up investigating Vampires that aren’t really vampires but really — YET AGAIN — displaced Aliens that have sought refuge on Earth.

Only a few surprises here – somehow we thought that the Doctor would save Isabella (the shipmakers daughter) – it was SHOCKING that he didn’t. It was SHOCKING that she died..really!? Isn’t the Doctor supposed to save everyone? since when do good people die in Doctor Who?

Katee Sackhoff in New Bionic Woman Trailer (she’s a fembot!) July 28, 2007

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More Bionic Woman teaser have emerged from NBC this weekend. The last ones we saw clearly showed us Battlestar Galactica’s Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) as a cylon ..err i mean fembot.

In this new teaser put out by the network we see just how evil the Starbuck fembot may be….Former East-Ender Michelle Ryan is the good Bionic Woman but Sackhoff is sure gonna give her a good scare.

Check out the new teaser below…neat huh? Now i wonder who will play Steve Austin (The Bionic Man that was played by Lee Majors in the 70’s show…)

Doctor Who Getting Cancelled May 31, 2007

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UNBELIEVABLE how stupid is the BBC?

Apparently they are cancelling the show at the end of season four even though Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows in the UK.

Boss Russell T. Davies has decided to axe the BBC1 sci-fi drama and concentrate on other projects.

He and senior staff have hatched a plot to hand in a group resignation in summer 2008.

A source said: “The heavy workload — nine months of 16-hour days every year — has started to take its toll.

“It was decided the best thing for the show was go out at the top next year.”

This is just pathetic. It wasn’t that long ago that the BBC reported that the show had been confirmed for season 4 – or season 30 if you’re counting all Doctor Who. For FREAKIN once i’d like to see a SciFi show run by a real SciFi fan that isn’t going to screw fans over.

Daleks the Scariest Doctor Who villian? April 20, 2007

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Apparently so.

In a survey of 21,000 fans conducted by the BBC, the Daleks were voted the scariest Doctor Who villain.

Now sure Davros is one ugly looking dude, but the Daleks, though sinister aren’t really scary are they? Not to say i’d like to face one down in an dark alley but still.

Maybe i’d fight ’em in a stare case.

They now have some kind of hovering ability, but they don’t climb stairs all that well and don’t do well over rough terrain either. Personally i’d be more worried about the CyberMen.

AND ACTUALLY…i’d say that in my view THE MASTER was the most sinister of all Doctor Who villains.

OOHh..right the Cybermen did fight the Daleks too didn’t they..and here for your viewing pleasure…Cybermen vs. Daleks..

According to the BBC poll.. top ten are:



1. The Daleks

2. The Empty Child Zombies

3. The Beast

4. The Cybermen

5. The Clockwork Droids

6. The Ood

7. The Empress of Racnoss

8. The Werewolf

9. The Autons/Nestenes

10. Chloe’s Dad

Is Doctor Who the most popular SciFi show today? April 4, 2007

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Though Doctor Who gets short shaft in North America, if recent numbers are accurate –

Doctor Who isn’t just popular, it could well be THE MOST POPULAR SCIFI SHOW on Earth currently airing.

BBC is reporting that 8.2 million viewers watched the season three (or 30 ) premiere.It marked the premiere of a new assistant for the Doctor with the debut of Freema Agyeman.

At 8.2 million viewers Doctor Who is likely more popular than any recent episode of BSG or Stargate SG-1 or even Stargate Atlantis.

Apparently SciFi channel will be picking up the new season later this year but why should American wait? Why can’t the US get Doctor Who at the same time (or maybe a one day delay so BBC has bragging rights?).

Real die-hards are unlikely to wait till later this year and will find other means/methods to get the episodes they want to see. The BBC and SciFi would be well served to provide the content that viewers want quickly or risk missing out.