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Doctor Who : The Curse of the Black Spot – Sirens are Emergency Medical Holograms… May 23, 2011

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From the  ‘Ancient Mysteries Solved by SciFi‘ files:

The legend of the mermaid sirens that lured sailors to their doom is an ancient one. We’ve never seen it properly treated in a SciFi show…until now. The Curse of the Black Spot gave us a unique viewpoint on this ancient myth.

Transdimensional mirrors and emergency medical holograms…

Go figure.

Definitely an interesting idea…though there were a few minor holes in the story. For example, a simple cut meant that a person needed medical treatment? really? unless of course the system knew the cut would lead to tetanus or something…
And SUUUUUUUUUUUUREE a 16th century English pirate can pilot a starship yeah…

Beyond that..a really solid episode that made us think and that’s why we watch Doctor Who. It’s a show with great actors and fantastic plots that challenges our conventional ways of thinking with new ideas.

Doctor Who Returns for Season 6 on April 23 March 24, 2011

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Doctor Who returns for Season 6 on April 23,

in both the U.S. and the UK.

But before that happens there is an online webisode prequel that the BBC is already out promoting.

The online prequel episode is a precursor to the two-parter that airs starting on April 23. No main TARDIS characters but a setup story with the guest characters.

Meanwhile in the Tardis – Doctor Who does stuff November 9, 2010

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The BBC has releases a set of really funny and interesting out-takes from Matt Smith’s first season as Doctor Who –with the lovely Amy Pond in tow of course.

An interesting discussion on why the Tardis is a police box..and does the Doctor have to change the light on the top? And does he feel stupid about traveling in a wooden box?

Then there is an un-released scene from the Vampire of Venice episode – with Amy hitting on the Doctor — funny stuff for sure, but we can see why it got cut from the episode that aired. Then again, Amy (as always) does make a good point about the simple fact that all of the Doctor’s companions have been women…



Doctor Who – Amy’s Choice was Really the Doctor’s Choice Wasn’t it? June 9, 2010

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Amy’s Choice was yet another solid episode in an unbroken stream of brilliant episodes so far with Matt Smith as the new Doctor.

What’s real and what’s not?

Obviously the Tardis had to be real right? How could the future – with Amy preggers living in a quiet town – be real?

The bad guy had to be the Master right?

Man were we wrong – and what an interesting twist. Both scenarios were the dream!! We didn’t see that coming at all. Amy didn’t really make the choice, the psychic beads made the choice for them all.

No companion ever really ends up with the Doctor — that’s just not the way the dude from Galyfrey rolls…