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Battlestar Galatica Zarek issue # 3 April 27, 2007

Posted by showmescifi in Battlestar Galactica, battlestar galactica comics, battlestargalactica, science fiction, sciencefiction, scifi, zarek.

Continuing from the first two issues in this series (which ShowMeSciFi reviewed here), this third issue take us into Zarek’s life behind bars.

Zarek is of course a beloved character because of Richard Hatch and the classic BSG attachment BUT this comic book series takes it to another level.

Out in the public Zarek’s story was definitely interesting, behind bars its even better. What kind of genius is this dude? A real methodical and well organized one.

It’s too bad this is only a four issue series but then again, it is only filling in a very specific gap.Who is Tom Zarek and how did he end up on the prison barge?



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