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Life, The Universe and Everything – Hitchiker’s Trilogy book 3 (re)Review June 10, 2009

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life.universe After finishing the Restaurant at the End of the Universe in April, we now come to Life, The Universe and Everything — the third book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

This is one fine book.

The central storyline in this book  – of the evil Krikket – is sublime and delightful. Along the way there is the usual Adams nonsense, though in this book – to us at least – more of it seems to makes sense.

The people of Krikket just want to be the only ones in the Universe – i can understand that…

The little side plots – the one with the creature that Arthur Dent keeps killing again and again ..and his continuously changing bags are both hilarious..

But the one with the immortal that is spending eternity finding every sentient in the universe to deliver an insult is sheer brilliance esp the final graph of the book.



1. Wilhelm2451 - June 10, 2009

I love the bit early on about eddies in space time continuum and the sofa. It kicks the book off well.

2. Keith - June 13, 2009

That is a great series. You only have 3 more books to go!

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