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And Another Thing – Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Book Six – one Word Review – Froody January 18, 2010

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And Another Thing Review – Froody

We’re big fans of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy here at ShowMeSciFi.com – and we’ve been hesitant to pick up book six – And Another Thing…– the first non-Douglas Adams instalment.

As it turns out – and another thing – is feckin Froody.

No it’s not a Douglas Adams masterpiece, but it is good fun and an enjoyable read.

The story picks up where the last one left off, with the destruction of the Earth (yet again). And yeaah Zaphod, yet again helps Arthur and Ford out.

The characters are much the same as Adams left them and Eoin Colfer does an admirable job of keeping them alive – even as the Vogons try and eliminate them.

The return of Wowbager – the alien that goes around insulting people is neat – but wowbagger just doesn’t have the same edge he did under Adams authorship — but then again it’s still fun.

We see Thor – the Thunder God – return and a really fun visit by Zaphod to the Aesir that we laughed our way through. The ‘second Earth’ Nano plotline in this book was also alot of fun and well written.

Throughout it all, we – and Arthur – miss his beloved Fennchurch – but she keeps popping up in …different way. Especially at the end, which in our view was a stroke of complete brillance.

That’s the good – the bad – which does exist in this book – comes in the form of the guide entries – which aren’t written like Guide entries – and just come off as being ..well..STOOPID. After the third or fourth guide entry that appears in this book, we actually started to just skip them altogether –which in our view made the book better and more enjoyable to read.

hitchhikers books have never been known for keeping consistent plotlines – but there are a few things that we would have liked to have seen. For one, the new MarkII Guide makes an appearance at the beginning of the book and then just goes away…that’s dumb.

The Guide itself has been taken over by Vogons (from the last book) but somehow Ford is still writing for them and little if any mention is made of how the Vogons have changed the book – that’s a real flaw in our view.

All in all though, this is a fun book and we’re glad that we had the opporunity to read it. It brings us back to that FROODY universe that Douglas Adams introduced us too 30 years ago and reminds us why we miss him so very much.

Mostly Harmless is mostly Fun – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy review July 10, 2009

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mostlyharmless So at long last – we finally hit the final book in the HitchHiker’s series and Mostly Harmless really is mostly fun.

The whole bit with Tricia/Tristan in parallel timelines wasn’t just the typical Adams sillyness – but is brilliantly crafted character scifi too.

What if you chose a different path what would have happened sort of thing..

The final few pages where Arthur finally meets his end – in a bar on Earth instead of some strange planet – also sheer brilliance.

If you haven’t recently read or re-read this trilogy in five parts – summer is a great time to do so. I had not read this series in more than ten years   and I didn’t remember all that much either to be honest.

So long and thanks for all the fish – REVIEW Hitchikers Guide to the Gal June 22, 2009

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Each book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is different and each has its own charm. We just finished reading So Long and Thanks for all the Fish – and wow a bit different than the other books — yet still very enjoyable to read.

Earth – thanks to the Dolphins – is back. Once you get over that little plot hump we get Arthur Dent’s first real love interest and it’s funny to read.

The quest to find out what happened to the Dolphins – also hilarious – and of course the final chapters and the final(?) end of Marvin are totally classic.

This book read to me like more of a complete and cohesive tale in a more structured way than any of the other Hitchhiker books. From begining to end – this book kinda/sorta/mostly — makes sense.

Life, The Universe and Everything – Hitchiker’s Trilogy book 3 (re)Review June 10, 2009

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life.universe After finishing the Restaurant at the End of the Universe in April, we now come to Life, The Universe and Everything — the third book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

This is one fine book.

The central storyline in this book  – of the evil Krikket – is sublime and delightful. Along the way there is the usual Adams nonsense, though in this book – to us at least – more of it seems to makes sense.

The people of Krikket just want to be the only ones in the Universe – i can understand that…

The little side plots – the one with the creature that Arthur Dent keeps killing again and again ..and his continuously changing bags are both hilarious..

But the one with the immortal that is spending eternity finding every sentient in the universe to deliver an insult is sheer brilliance esp the final graph of the book.


The Restaurant at the End of the Universe – revisited and reviewed April 22, 2009

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On a whim (it was sitting on the library shelf) I picked up Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy years ago, but admittedly never got around to reading more in the series.

restaurantBoy have I been missing out.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (milliways) is fun and made for a great read. Adams has a weird/silly writing style that to be honest works really well as before bed reading. The chapters are short the scenes brief and without clutter, but still funny and entertaining.

So many fine scenes in this book I don’t know that i can pick one as a favorite…well maybe when the food comes out at Milliway and suggests which part of itself is best to eat.