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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic issue #15 April 18, 2007

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The “Days of Fear” story arc reaches its explosive conclusion in a story of dangerous visions, unheeded warnings, and decisions made too late

UNFORTUNATELY this issue still confirm my belief that KOTOR SUCKS…but at least this issue doesn’t suck as badly as issue #14 did.

Long story short Zayne’s visions come true, the Mandalorians attack (though we never actually see Mandalore except on the cover of this comic) and Zayne gets arrested on a Republic ship that apparently will bring him back to the Jedi. How this marks the end of a story arc, I DON’T KNOW.

I’m glad that this lame, pathetic story arc is over. HOpefully it means the writers can finally get down to some real story telling business.

I don’t know what’s up with the artwork lately either. In this issue Zayne Carrick (the main character after all) is drawn very different than he has been before. I actually had to do a double take and read the text bubbles before i realized that it was Zayne…and that’s just LAME.

Dark Horse is shooting itself in the foot with this series which is incomparably inferior to Star Wars Legacy at this point.


1. The Process - April 18, 2007

I am a big fan of Legacy. I loved the KOTOR games and setting, and so I decided to buy all the issues (1-15) last week and dig right in.

Man… I want my money back. The art is nifty and all.. but come on. This is not starwarsy at all. Its basically a soap opera about a totally klutz of a Jedi who was framed by 5 deranged Jedi Masters and all the boring crap he doesn’t do while on the run.

Maybe.. just MAYBE… they will redeem themselves and the story will go somewhere cool, but they are taking too long. I am losing interest something fierce. All this side business with Jarael and Camper and then the whole story arch about running a DINER OUT OF A WINNEBAGO… that was just compelling. =(

2. showmescifi - April 18, 2007

You’re TOTALLY RIGHT (but don’t say i told you say so – that is if you haven’t read previous ShowMeSciFi posts on this).

Beyond having a SUCKY STORY pls do also note the SUCKY ART – i mean come on!! how can you draw the main character so very differently issue to issue? It’s as if Dark Horse just has ZERO quality control on this book.

3. D.O.C - June 9, 2007

Sorry, but I can’t confirm that. I also played the GREAT videogame and bought issue 1-15 and I really enjoyed the comics. The structure of the story kind of reminds me of the KOTOR-vidogame and it also has the same atmosphere.

The styles are changing because there are 3 drawers that are changing sometimes but that doesn’t bother me because I like all the very detailed and well coloured styles(except Issue 5).

-Sorry if there are mistakes, English is not my mother tongue…

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