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Star Trek XI Script Is Complete June 26, 2007

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Apparantly a draft of the Star Trek XI script has now been completed. This is the Trek movie that will simply be called Star Trek and serve as a prequel to the classic series.

Star Trek” is a miles-long minefield of established chronology, laid down over four decades, one that Mr. Orci and Mr. Kurtzman must be careful not to tamper with or contradict. But they say that by focusing their film (already scheduled for a Christmas 2008 release) on the earliest adventures of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, they can avoid most of these perils.

“What was a little daunting,” Mr. Kurtzman said, “was while we were writing it, they sent over a poster with the release date on it. We hadn’t written ‘fade in’ yet.”

Mr. Orci added: “We’ve never had a movie poster before we’ve had a script. That’s pressure.” – New York Times

Pressure indeed. Enterpise was GAAAAAAAAWD aweful show and that was a prequel. How they intend to pull this off – without William Shatner apparently too- is beyond me. This is a Kobyashi Maru scenario…no one wins.


1. marsha loftis - June 26, 2007

I love all Trek…I loved watching Enteprise…bring on the Star Trek

2. Bones Rodriguez - June 26, 2007

Great- I’m glad it’s done; I just hope it’s not one of those “boardroom” scripts like the last two. We need to have a GOOD one soon, and I think JJ can do it. Now if they would just get Shatner in there…..

3. Greydon Square - June 28, 2007

Let me get this straight… a prequel series gets canned after 4 years of terrible ratings (nevermind that the whole nielson ratings thing is inaccurate) So they decide to make a prequel, when its been shown that prequels in sci fi suck hairy cow balls…lol wow, i used to love trek, my heart now goes to SG:SG1/SGA/SGUniverse

Paramount … what a buncha idiots

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[…] gotta say the producers are really cutting it close by only figuring out their cast now. At least the script is done..so maybe Abrams and co have already started on specing out the effects and are just going to do […]

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