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How Much Is A Star Trek NCC-1701-B Playmates Ship Worth? September 16, 2007

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How Much Is A Star Trek NCC-1701-B Playmates Ship Worth? The easy answer is..depends on what you’re willing to pay for it.

Though the NCC 1701B playmates ship (the one that Kirk got sucked into the Nexus from in Star Trek Generations) is extremely rare..this past weekend there was recently at least three (3) auctions for it on eBay. We here at ShowMeSciFi.com tracked them all to try and see what the ship was worth..

Here’s the breakdown..

The first ship – went for $22.66 after starting at $9.99 and solicited 3 bids from 3 bidders.

The second ship – was won for $31.00 – also started at $9.99 though this auction solicited 4 bidders and 9 bids.

The third ship was won for – $31.56 – started at $9.95 and was a very active auction – with 5 bidders and 16 bids.

From the pics and the descriptions both ships appear to have been equivalent – so I’d say the first auction winner got the better deal – though both winners should be very pleased as winning this ship for anything less than $65 or so in my book is a real steal.

Toronto Star Wars Fan mounts -unofficial Star Wars exhibit at Design Exchange July 8, 2007

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Lucas is obsessive about his trademarks. Over the years there have been many Star Wars tributes and exhibits at museums around the globe but i’ve never EVER heard of one being mounted (in a very public gallery that charges admission) without the consent of Lucasfilm.

Yet that’s what’s happening in Toronto this summer.

The official citation for the event as listed on the event venue’s site states:

Ian A. Anthony Presents: Assembling a Galaxy
June 29 – August 25, 2007

Celebrate 30 years of Star Wars with “Assembling a Galaxy.” An exciting exhibition of a fantastic array of objects gathered from times long ago and places far, far away. Assembling a Galaxy is an educational exhibit not affiliated with nor supported by Lucasfilm Limited. Not an official exhibit.

Yet the Design Exchange (the venue) has issued a very official looking press release which does not mention that it is not a LucasFilm sanctioned event. While this site is all about fandom and I certainly celebrate those in Star Wars fandom – to have an event at a museum that you charge admission for that does not have any sort of Lucas involvement is a bit ‘offsetting’ to say the least.(I probably have more stuff in my basement anyways…maybe i should put on a show..)

That said – it’ll be an exhibit that ShowMeSciFi will be sure to check out next time we’re in Toronto…though a quick trip to eBay might be the same thing..

Anthony (the event ‘curator’) started the majority of his collecting, valued at $15,000, in 2005. He has found most of the unique items on eBay, such as an autographed stormtrooper helmet from Albin Johnson, founder of the 501st Legion, a group dedicated to creating authentic imperial uniforms.

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