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Doctor Who – The Hungry Earth Eats Rorry – Long Live Homo Reptilius! July 4, 2010

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Really? Rory is dead?

The hungry earth and cold blood episodes again challenged the normal scifi TV groove.

Homo Reptilius? really? a pre hom0-sapien sentient species? amazing…and what at neat treatment too.

what was shocking about this episode though of course was that Rory got killed – isn’t the Doctor supposed to save everyone? Since when do ppl die on Doctor Who?

Overall another fine episode, with a new look at Earth’s species and an interesting shift for Amy (with the loss of Rory) and of course the tear in the wall /space/time fabric.

What is that thing?


1. VV-mon - July 5, 2010

First…I’m first! Second, I’m a HUGE Doctor Who fan. Third, since I’m such a big Doctor Who fan, I’ve seen the whole 5th (or 31st depending on how you see it) season and that episode was like, 4 weeks ago. You need update your records. Hoping I won’t spoil much, Rory does come back at the end…twice. I have to say the whole season was amazing and made me laugh almost all the way through. Not becuase it was bad, but it was just fun! I swear I laughed my head off at the end of episode five when Amy tries to make a move on the Doctor. Anyway…Oh! I also needed to add that it’s a crack in the wall not a tear.

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