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Babylon 5 Lost Tales – Out TODAY!!! July 31, 2007

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It’s out – the much anticipated new Babylon 5 movie – Babylon 5 The Lost Tales – and man does it look AWESOME.

I have yet to watch the whole thing (yet). In this slow scifi season truth is i’m starved for SciFi so i’m going to savor this masterpiece on Friday then again on Saturday.

The real test for this movie is not how awesome it is – but rather how well it does in sales.

I believe that the straight to DVD model works and is the salvation for great SciFi. No network wanted to back JMS and no studio would finance a wide theatre release – but who need that?

We’ve all got good screens and what would we rather have – great SciFi  or shlock on a big screen?

Here’s hoping this is a massive success and spawns a whole series of straight to DVD Babylon 5 movies.