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Bring Back Mara Jade Skywalker – (cheezy vid) But You Can Do Better! July 26, 2007

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A Friend of ShowMeSciFi sent in a little vid, a song and an idea – bring the fight to Bring Back Mara Jade to a wider audience.

We need more people to sign the Bring Back Mara Jade Petition

 So with the one video to start – ShowMeSciFi is pleased to announce the formation of the Bring Back Mara Jade group on YouTube.

 Here’s the idea: The first video SUX. You can do better. I know you can. Mara deserves Better.

So get your videos submitted and Let’s Fight to Bring Back Mara Jade.


1. Kalira - August 1, 2007

Cute. =)

2. Shocked and Dismayed - January 14, 2008

I found these on YouTube thought some would like to see them
Tributes to Mara Jade Skywalker, post death.

To those of you at Del Rey and the Writers who thought that killing this Character would be a good idea, well, you lost some of your fans over this one, myself included.

You really dropped the ball on this one, you didn’t have to kill off what is probably the most beloved character of the EU series. But the Way you did it was even worse, it was LAME, it felt CHEAP & RUSHED. Then the Funeral in the next book, same LAME, CHEAP, RUSHED, CRAP!

The way you guys portrayed the characters was like reading a LAME uninformed new fans fiction writing. It was like those who wrote it didn’t really know the characters they just did their own thing, and screwed up a story lines that has been in the works for what fifty plus books.
If the Book series dies here with the Legacy of the Force stories, then it deserves to die. You should have really done your research on the characters better, not to mention the potential fan reactions, and oh yeah it’s supposed to be fiction, so how about a few more happy ending, or at least a truly great sad one, but you should have had Zahn write it instead of the losers you picked, now the fans lose, and if you watch you sales on after this for new up coming EU series I think you’ll notice that your losing too with a slight drop off after this stroke of brilliance. Way to go you laser brained Nimrods! Thanks for ruining what was potentially the greatest and longest epic story line EVER. We the Fans thank you so much for F**king it up.

3. Shocked and Dismayed - March 13, 2008

Actually there is Hope I came across a Fanfic that could give Del Rey and Lucasfilm an out on the whole killing Mara thing and it sounded very plausible to me. It’s only a matter of Them finding out about it and choosing to go with it.

In the Story Jacen wasn’t nearly as unprepared for Mara’s attack on him as the books suggested infact he was very well prepared and that the whole thing was actually an elaborate trap. It suggested that one of the reasons Jacen never felt Mara coming wasn’t so much that she was hidding herself in the force but that there was a nutrient frame with a ysalamiri in the large storage compartment of he StealthX
that during the fight in the cave when he stabbed Mara with the poison dart that the dart actually contained a very powerful drug which had the same initial effects but in the end caused a Chemically induced Coma that not even a Jedi could resist. It also suggested that one of the Force skills Jacen a learned while traveling the galaxy was to push an elemental force discharge that would make other force users think you were dead, he figured a way to modify this technique to push the same discharge through someone else thus giving it that persons unique force signature. Even Mara thought she was dying so when she fell into unconsciousness, Jacen used this technique to make everyone think that she was dead. He then used his force abilities to hide her in the force the same way he’d hidden Lumiya in the force from the Jedi. After wards he carried Mara out to his StealthX where he pulled a small Special Intelligence Medical Droid which scanned the injures on Mara’s body and then duplicated them exactly on the Mara Clone which was unconscious with in the same storage compartment. After that he traded Mara’s battle scared clothing for a gray prisoners body suite and put Mara’s clothing on the Mara Clone. At this point he bound and gaged the real Mara and put her into the StealthX’s large storage compartment and strapped her to the ysalamiri which effectively took over any need to hide her in the force. Jacen then stabbed the Mara Clone in the leg with a real Poison dart which killed her. Then he took the now dead Clone Mara back into the cave and left her where the real Mara had been. After that he just left the real Mara in the storage compartment until he could take her to his special and very secret Jedi prison in an undisclosed location where there are a lot of ysalamiri to both help control the prisoners and to hide them in the force. “After all no one mounts a rescue mission for the dead.”
was what he had said. Jacen saw the potential in Mara having once been the Emperor’s Hand and he has hopes of slowly over a long time of turning her to the dark side to serve him. Oh and as for the force ghosts of Mara the were seen by Ben and Luke. They were the same kind of force projected phantoms that Lumiya and Alem had used in earlier Legacy of the Force books. Now this one is a newer force skill for Jacen and with out Lumiya’s dark side energy laced asteroid to help he can only create one such phantom at a time and use it at any distance. But with this Fake Mara ghost Jacen now has a tool to which he can mislead the Jedi and perhaps even use it to destroy them. As for the Mara Ghost helping Ben find the hair well that was covered too. In the fanfic story Jacen had quietly made sure that the cleaning droids would leave it right where it was and by helping Ben find it he only made it a little easier for the Jedi for discover what he felt they would on their own anyways given time and by helping them with his fake Mara force ghost his new tool gains credibility. As far as the confession to Ben’s GAG/ex-cop friend well do you really think that Jason had no idea what was happening the whole time. Come on Sith Lord matching wits and skills with a normal every day person.
At any rate I thought it was an interesting and even plausible way to say that Mara was still alive and it even could fall in with the over all cannon. Now it’s just a matter of Del Rey and Lucasfilm getting hold of it and deciding that they like it. Personnally I think it gives them a nice out and gives the fans that want Mara back exactly what they want. It also would allow for Mara’s more direct influence on future books.

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