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Stargate Universe Resurgence Season 2 mid-season cliffhanger was kinda lame. December 6, 2010

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Resurgence (<–get it on Amazon now) was a typical Stargate cliffhanger wasn’t it?

Destiny is being attacked …oh no will it survive???

On the negative side, the lame acting by Eli and his mental state rly diminished from this episode as did the melodramatic Chloe (why isn’t she dead yet!!)

On the positive side, the Seed Ship is back as is Col. Telford (no surprise). The ship graveyard scene was reminiscent of Star Trek TNG episode which was kinda/sorta similar wasn’t it???

Overall, a decent half season for SGU – yes we like the show and HELL YES we can hardly wait for it to return.

Stargate Universe – Telford is a Traitor – as SG-1’s Jackson and O’Neil cameo May 24, 2010

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With Stargate Universe being a very different type of show than typical Stargates – it’s great to have an episode like —Subversion that brings us right back into the world of SG-1 and the genesis of this series.

The whole leutian alliance thing – seems so far away – cause it is after all 18 episodes and 17 hours + of this show ago right?

That said, is it any surprise that there was a traitor?

Now we don’t really know Col. Telford all the much so we don’t care, but still neat to make that whole connection.

Also great to see General O’Neil get on board Destiny for the first time.

Stargate Universe is its own show, but we should never forget that is it (thanks to the stones) tightly linked with the whole Stargate universe of shows.  Wonder when the Stargate Atlantis team will show up…