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Stargate Universe SGU Cancelled!!! FRAK YOU SYFY!! December 17, 2010

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The IDIOTS that run SyFy have once again proved why they are IDIOTS.

Stargate Universe – SGU – has been canceled.

That’s right after 2.5 seasons, SyFy is pulling the plug. They let SG-1 run for ten years, Stargate Atlantis for five and now SGU for 2.5.  Next show will only run for 1.25 seasons at this rate.

To make matters worse, SyFy didn’t even have the common decency to tell the actors on the show first — many of them found out first by seeing it on Twitter – including fan favorite Eli (David Blue).

Sure there were a few slow episode of SGU in season one. But season 2 has been kickass – except maybe for the recent mid-season cliffhanger.

The show had potential and was beginning to live up to it.

What’s the point of having a Science Fiction network — if it won’t support original Science Fiction programming?

And after more than a decade of Stargate – how the FRAK could SyFy pull the plug?

They SCREWED the show over by putting it in a horrible Tuesday time slot this year, which should have been our first indication that the FRAKKERS at SyFy were aiming to kill this show.

We think it’s time that a new SciFi Network emerges — one that will support the shows that fans love – and one that has the business sense to figure out how to make a profit while doing that.


1. vince - March 18, 2011

i think it’s good that it ended. i was afraid that all that useless dysfunctional bickering would have ended with a stand-off between civilians and military on wether to use available resources to upgrade there shields or get drapes and paint the interior or the ship. and then have to watch more bickering on what materials and colors they would decide on. that’s why i did not like battlestar galactica as well. so negative and dysfunctional. why not let the makers of Firefly take this over or something. sure would like to see what they could do with the same resources.

Chris - March 19, 2011

That might be a little bit of an overexaggeration when comparing to BSG. BSG was the end of the world(s). Its bound to be dark and dysfunctional.

SGU is a little different, theres still hope of returning home. That being said SGU was starting to hit its stride its a shame to see it end.

Vince campolongo - May 4, 2011

WOW what a turn around I must admit. this show was bad i mean bad, i was very reluctant to even watch it.
But you know what? NOW it great!!!! wonderful!!! supper great!!!! there are no words i can say to express how nice this show is now. of corse a few criticism on why the spacesuit did not have a sun visor getting someone blind….. but all and all it was great! I most certainly hope that they learned there lesson on not to mess with people sy-fy. the problem was i think was that the wrong people had a say on how things should happen. I’ll never go back and watch the first season ever in my life! but the last few episodes is an other story. i’m glad they made the change. and weather or not they really pulled the plug or not, I will more than welcome any new episodes like the ones I’ve been watching. the negativity was dissipating. people were not as dysfunctional is a senseless sort of way.

great job this time!!!! if SGU keeps on making them I will watch them and the commercials as well….

2. Daniel - March 22, 2011

Personaly I Beleive that SyFy Showed their Hand when they changed ther name from Sifi and before that when they canceled the origanal StarGate SG-1 Series wich need I remind all you fans reading this was still in the Highest ratings slot even after 10+ years it is my firm Beleif that MGM and all other Stargate Franchise holders should start their own Science fiction Network as stated in a prior post but go a step farther bring back SG-1 And Atlantis All the actors on those shows did not want it to end anymore than the Fans If we all Band Together maybe they will get the Idea

3. Max - April 25, 2011

Woohoo!!! Yeah!

Finally that garbage was cancelled! Sweet!

4. Why cancel - May 3, 2011

No clue why it was cancelled, I watched Sg-1 and SGA almost every episode of each. I’ve seen every SGU episode, I admit the first season was slow it wasn’t bad but not good either. Then in the second season SGU redeemed itself. I saw massive character development, I saw small story arcs here an there (drones,aliens, and Novus). Sure SGU has it’s faults, but you get to see a whole different side of the Stargate series. Not everyone can take on a unrelenting superior enemy without breaking a sweat. Sure they messed up with civvies vs military. They realized their mistakes corrected them and the result was SGU was beginning to live up to it’s franchise.

5. Mike - May 17, 2011

It figures, the first stargate series I actually liked and they canceled it!!!???? Shur I have watched a few SG-1 and SGA but with SGU I had to watch or download every episode. And how are you going to end it like that, that is just bad JuJu man bad JuJu.

6. njviewer9292 - September 27, 2011

SciFy has turned into Ghost central. some how these shows find evidence Every time and people have been looking for proof of ghosts for over 1000 years. WoW they are full of it lol.

They trash SciFy by using the same bad actors in their original shows and when there is a Good show like SGU it get canceled just when it is getting good.

Me and the wife both Loved! SciFy past tense. Looks like that ghost lovers is in charge of the channel now. Every time they launch a new “ghost” or “Paranormal” show it somehow the #1 show on SciFy and #1 best new show on Cable. Hmmmm i can find one person in Real life that likes any there new Favorite shows. Once they changed the logo they lost their minds.

Michael Shelby - September 27, 2011

I can agree with that, I thought it was a science fiction channel not a ghost reality show

Michael Shelby - September 27, 2011

I am the mike that posted #15 Comment

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