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The Sounds of Star Wars – one book that we’d love to get as a gift December 15, 2010

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The magic of Star Wars has a lot to do with sound.

We all know what a lightsaber sounds like, a wookie and even R2D2.

All those sounds were designed and created and this book tells that tales behind ALL of them.

It’s got an integrated digital audio player, so you’re not just reading about the sounds, you’re hearing them too.

The Sounds of Star Wars is only $36 over at Amazon now too..

Star Wars on Bluray coming in 2011 – with new scenes!! August 16, 2010

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Unbelievable! Lucas is going to release – yet another version of Star Wars – this time on bluray in 2011

No we don’t know if we Han will shoot first this time…but we will see a new scene in Return of the Jedi.

remember the scene where Vader meets Luke on Endor and Vader says  – ‘I see you’ve constructed a new lightsaber’ well now – 30 yrs later we’ll finally see Luke building that lightsaber.

There was a clip up on YouTube, but Lucas has gotten that pulled down.

Lightsaber Baseball April 3, 2008

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Baseball fans rejoice.  It’s that time of year again. But forget about kriffing corked bats if you really want to fry the stitches of a Rawlings — pick up a lightsaber instead.

Check out this neat little ‘jedi baseball’ vid :

Star Wars Lightsaber TV Remote January 2, 2008

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Don’t be too quick to swing this lightsaber too close to your screen…

It’s a neat idea though it’s basic in construction. What you get is On/off and basic channel flipping capabilities. Then again this is a novelty item so do you really care that it can’t control your entire home entertainment system??

Check it out for yourself.

Nintendo Wii-Saber ! May the Wii Be With You! November 21, 2007

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Available to order now through Play.com, this third-party accessory includes a  power up / down that makes the blade glow.

.i would guess that it’ll work well with Star Wars Lego…but the real test will be The Force Unleashed that doesn’t show up until 2008.

The Wii-Saber isn’t available just yet…but you won’t have too wait too long. Play.com has availability set for November 30th.