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Craig Ferguson lost Doctor Who intro – AWESOME – It’s about the triumph of intellect over brute force December 3, 2010

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We love Craig Ferguson.

And now that new footage that was ‘lost’ from the original broadcast last month of this doctor who show interview with Matt Smith has surfaced…we love Craig even more.

Apparently Ferguson’s producers told him 5 minutes before the show started that he didn’t have the legal rights to use the Doctor Who theme music – but luckily someone had a video recorder handy and recorded the ‘cold’ version before the actual broadcast.

In this little bit – Ferguson clearly explains why ‘geeks’ love the Doctor – because it’s about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.

Sit back and enjoy!

now here is what actually aired .. now it all makes sense!


Doctor Who – Matt Smith – Exterminates Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show November 17, 2010

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Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series is now out on DVD – so Matt Smith is now making the talk show rounds.

Last night he showed up on Craig Ferguson (aka Mr. Wick from the Drew Carey show) The Late Late Show..

What a riot?

And Smith reveals something that we’ve never known about the Daleks before…