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Enterprise XCV – Vulcan engineering meets StarFleet January 27, 2011

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A little later than usual — we finally got our Star Trek: Ships of the Line: 2011 Wall Calendar. The pic above is for January.

We had never before seen the Enterprise XCV – the first Enterprise — not not NX-01..but a Vulcan inspired starship. There is a really awesome middle section panorama in the calendar as well which explains why the XCV failed…in the same middle section there is some awesome pics of the NX-01 retrofit, which makes it look a whole lot more like the NCC-1701.

The brilliant artist/renderer behind the XCV is Mark Rademaker and he explains in this blog post how he built this ship that none of us never knew  — or saw before now.





1. John Campbell Rees - February 3, 2011

This ship explains why the Vulcans were so very snotty about the NX-01, as Dr. Archer and his son dared to abandon tried and trusted Vulcan technology. How dare these primitive creatures try and design their own spacecraft.

2. Max_Writer - October 24, 2012

This is not a Vulcan-inspired design. It’s from the original Star Trek Spaceflight Chronology book from the 70s. I believe the rings are actually a centrifuge to simulate gravity for the passengers. It was a passenger liner.

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