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Doctor Who Season 7 Exterminates BBC Records September 6, 2012

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The first episode of Doctor Who season 7 Asylum of the Daleks
by all account is a massive win for the Doctor Who franchise.

According to Entertainment Weekly:

The Saturday telecast was seen by 1.6 million viewers, which is both a time period high and a series best for the show since it started airing on the network in 2009.

Always a good sign when a new season starts off well…

Doctor Who – Matt Smith – Exterminates Craig Ferguson on the Late Late Show November 17, 2010

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Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series is now out on DVD – so Matt Smith is now making the talk show rounds.

Last night he showed up on Craig Ferguson (aka Mr. Wick from the Drew Carey show) The Late Late Show..

What a riot?

And Smith reveals something that we’ve never known about the Daleks before…

Doctor Who City of the Daleks – Adventure Game – for Free! June 4, 2010

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Gotta hand it to the BBC – they’ve got a real winner with Matt Smith and the new Doctor Who.

They’re now taking the great new Doctor and the lovely Ms. Pond to the next level though with a series of free downloadable adventure games.

The first one looks like great fun  too..

Doctor Who 4×12 Stolen Earth Davros Returns December 7, 2008

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Doctor Who Series 4 is easily one of the best seasons of Doctor Who in a long long long time.

The return of the Daleks in this episode is fantastic  – and it sure is great to see Davros once again (btw where is the MASTER?).

Having all of the Doctor’s friends and companions aligned in this episode is also great – with the funniest easily being the ex prime minister – with the Daleks noting that they know who she is.

For year Doctor Who fans have called the Daleks the most fearsome of all the Doctor’s enemies – I still have a problem with them though…they are basically rolling trash cans with limited mobility. Yes i know they can hover now but come one i would expect that the human commandoes would be quicker than the Dalek army and able to take them out.