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Doctor Who 4×12 Stolen Earth Davros Returns December 7, 2008

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Doctor Who Series 4 is easily one of the best seasons of Doctor Who in a long long long time.

The return of the Daleks in this episode is fantastic  – and it sure is great to see Davros once again (btw where is the MASTER?).

Having all of the Doctor’s friends and companions aligned in this episode is also great – with the funniest easily being the ex prime minister – with the Daleks noting that they know who she is.

For year Doctor Who fans have called the Daleks the most fearsome of all the Doctor’s enemies – I still have a problem with them though…they are basically rolling trash cans with limited mobility. Yes i know they can hover now but come one i would expect that the human commandoes would be quicker than the Dalek army and able to take them out.

Doctor Who 4×11 Turn Left November 30, 2008

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A standard Sci Fi plot tool here – what happens if one simple action doesn’t occur – it ends up unravelling a Tapestry (yes a pun on the Star Trek TNG episode Tapestry) that in this episode’s case is the whole of Donna Noble’s experience with Doctor this season.
Brilliantly executed and a nice romp through all the events thus far – so a good hour of SciFi.

The best part (for us) was clearly the end when Donna realizes that she won’t make it in time to change her actions in the past and makes a decision – that ultimately changes her history.

As for the time distortion insect on her back – that wasn’t terribly clear to us – but still not a bad idea.

Every season needs a recap episode of sorts – and this is it for Series Four – it’s all go forward from here.