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TR2N Lives! Tron Legacy REVIEW – Tron Lives! December 18, 2010

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After years of waiting … the move we first saw trailers for as TR2N in 2008 – is now out as Tron Legacy.

Make no mistake about it, Tron Legacy is a very different movie than the original Tron.

It’s bigger.

And in IMAX 3D the experience is mind-blowing AWESOME.

The Daft punk soundtrack is incredible (and dirt cheap at Amazon: Tron Legacy). The new light cycles are awesome looking machines and the eerie blue and reddish neon colors of the grid are striking.

This is a visual masterpiece of cinematography and special effects that simply put — has no peer.

The story  is OK — but not nearly as good as the original Tron. The whole isomorph subplot is interesting but not as clean as just simply having Tron fight the MCP.

Having Tron as Rizler – now that was a neat twist. And CLU is an interesting bad guy ..the mirror image of Flynn.

We also really liked that one girl in white – Jen? that gets Sam suited up in the first place, and then is out on the grid strolling with umbrella. kinda neat.

However we missed the light tanks, and a sense of purpose for the grid in the first place. The finale was also a bit odd, but it does bring an end to Flynn.

Overall, this is really good movie and one that we enjoyed tremendously. After over two years of buildup by Disney’s hype machine, this movie delivered in nearly every way and is a stunning achievement of modern movie making magic.


1. Urael - December 20, 2010

Spoilers, much? 😛

I agree, this was a great film very much in the spirit of the original even if it didn’t completely grasp what made the first one so wonderfully compelling. Minor niggles: light-cycles were RUINED. No 90-degree turns, motorbike engines instead of the cool sci-fi hum the originals had…they even looked awful. Fat and not very sleek.

And do digital entities like recognizers really need to pretend they’re operating under gravity, with jet exhausts in their feet? I know you could make a convincing argument that Flynn established gravity to make the world feel more like his own but it still annoyed me to see them operating under such limitations when they clearly didn’t need to in the first film.

The film could also have done without that idiot Zeus. Or at least a different interpretation of his character. Bowie’s mannerisms with none of his elan. Awful. Worse than the Merovingian.

The rest I very much enjoyed. It looks and sounds beautiful, although I did find myself wishing for a touch more delicacy from the score – it was a bit insistent at times. 4/5 from me.

Now here’s hoping the third film rescues Tron from his watery abyss…

2. Trever Tuck - December 28, 2010

I think Tron lives. When he stated “I Fight for the users” then proceded to smash CLU he fell into digital water. When Kevin imploded, THE WATER WAS LEFT UNTOUCHED. TRON lives

3. Brett Harrison - January 1, 2011

Have to disagree with your review. I’m a fan of the original, and this sequel *failed* to deliver on plot, logic, drama, dialogue, humor (absent), acting & story.

It looked pretty, but none of it made much sense (homeless programs? revving lightcycles? ninja moves? digital explosives? etc) , and the climax (shudder) – Tron’s sacrifice was useless, and we were instead saved by the deus ex machina of Flynn’s zen power.

Good luck to young Flynn using Quorra to change the world, because he (and the audience, thanks to lack of exposition in a woeful script) have no clue what Flynn the elder was talking about. 🙂

God, I hope Tron 3 is better.

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