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Superman New Krypton Saga Ends – The Best Superman Story Ever Told!! June 1, 2010

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That’s it. The New Krypton saga is now over.

War of the Supermen #4 marks the end of a saga that in our opinion — is one of the greatest Superman story arcs of all time.

It began with Kandor coming out of the bottle and ending up as a city on Earth – then they got their own planet and called it New Krypton — that got blowed up real good so the Kryptonians came to Earth to trash it.

The trashing of Earth – that’s the basic War of the Supermen story and it comes to an end in War of the Supermen #4.

In the end, General Zod gets banished back to the Phantom Zone, General Lane dies and Metropolis goes back to its (not so) normal self.

Overall the New Krypton saga has been an incredible ride. We saw the first issue on the stands and it was the first time we actually bought a Superman title in at least ten years.

It was New Krypton that pulled us back into the Superman universe. Here we had the Man of Steel, as not unique- but being one among many. A superman on a planet of supermen. On New Krypton, Superman was just Kal-El. He was a ‘regular’ guy and he ‘technically’ for a time reported to Zod and even took over for Zod when Zod was out of commission for awhile.

Ohh and the ending of this story is nothing short of brilliant with the great prose of Lois Lane:

One Kryptonian came to Earth and helped make it a better place.

We made him our greatest hero.

100,000 Kryptonians came and they were seen as a threat. They were met with suspicion, hatred and eventually death. We–humanity–were incapable of accepting what they had to offer, accepting that change, so we lashed out at them. Destroyed them.

New Krypton gave us a different perspective on Kal-El and one that we looked forward to reading often and regularly. Will we now continue to pick up Superman titles? That remains to be seen, but now that the New Krypton saga is done, how can anything else not be a letdown at this point?

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War of the Supermen DESTROYS NEW KRYPTON!! May 13, 2010

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Really?? NO WAAAAY.

This comic book is all about one thing – the destruction of New Krypton.

No we didn’t see this coming. After two years of following the New Krypton saga, we’ve grown fond of the place.

New Krypton/Kandor has been part of the Superman universe for what 40 years or more at this point? and now it’s GONE.


And all destroyed by Luthor/Lane via Reactron — killer of Supergirl’s dad too – now killer of her mom and Kandor itself.

We’re still in shock.

This post first appeared on our sister site: showmescificomics.com