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Superman New Krypton December 3, 2008

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To be honest we haven’t been regular Superman collectors in years – but that

superman_681changed with this new storyline – Superman New Krypton – a nine issue cross-over event.

The basic story is simple – Braniac years ago captured a Kryptonian city – Kandor – 

 (saving it in the process) and now Superman has saved the city and 100,000 Kryptonian’s are now living on Earth.

It’s a great premise and one that challenges the notion of Superman being special (supergirl aside) – since there are now 100,000 people just like him flying around Earth.

It started off in a one issue special edition – then moved over to Superman #681 –  and then over to Action Comics #871 where we get to see more of what Kryptonian’s are really up to –

 from there to Supergirl (didn’t care for that issue).

The latest issue is Superman #681 New Krypton part 6. The Kryptonian’s now actually kill humans and this is clearly a turning point. General Zod (remember him from the Superman II movie ?) still has followers loyal to him and they seem to be stirring up some trouble.

Oh and remember the Phantom Zone ? Yeaaah it’s back too.

So for this comic book fan – after years and years  of not reading Superman regularly – here I am back reading Superman again thanks to this New Krypton storyline. It’s great that anew issue is out every week – which sure makes a big difference too.


1. matt - December 3, 2008

The Superman comics have been pretty good since Infinite Crisis went down, however not sure how Final Crisis will change anything.

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