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Batman Year 100 – Is Batman Immortal? January 20, 2009

Posted by showmescifi in scifi.
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batmany100 The year is 2039 and Batman is a fugitive from the law in a time when the law is corrupt.

Batman Year 100 has art that isn’t quite what we normally like – it’s twisted and maformed in a very unapealing way but once we got into the story, the art really started to work.

Is Batman 100+ years old? hard to tell if its the exact same guy, that issue is never really addressed. The suit and the moral compass is the same though. The Gotham of 2039 is a different place, one where technology rules supreme and there is not privacy but somehow Batman is private and an enigma.

This is a classic Batman tale and one that now ranks among our favorite ever. No there is no super-villian – this is just a story about a world in which super-heroes should not exist and yet…there he is.


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