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Dark Horse Star Wars Darth Vader and The Lost Command is …meh…not the best… February 11, 2011

Posted by showmescifi in ShowMeSciFi.com.
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Yes we love Darth Vader.

Yes we’re Dark Horse Fans.

NO WE DIDN’T like Darth Vader and the Lost Command #1.

The artwork is inconsistent with very different renditions of Vader throughout, same goes for the troopers. This isn’t the type of art that we’re used to seeing from Dark Horse – we’re used to seeing much better.

The overall story is kinda weak too.

But there is a at least one great set of panels – when we see Vader out of his full gear/helmet going through his regular maintenance – that’s cool.

Not enough for use to recommend this issue , but hey we’re Star Wars fans here, we buy ALL Dark Horse Star Wars stuff. We just think they can do MUCH better.
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