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Final Episode of Dollhouse (Epitaph 2) SUCKED !! January 30, 2010

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The last three or four final episode of Dollhouse have been awesome — the second last episode –  (The Hollow Men) – the best of the series.

The FINAL episode – in very stark contrast – TOTALLY SUCKED.

This is one of the worst episodes, if no the worst episode in the whole two year history of Dollhouse. WTF was Joss thinking?

Yeeah cool to see the future world where everyone has been wiped –but there was little action and even less drama or plot in this episode. The only thing mildly interesting was the shockingly quick death of Agent Paul Ballard.

Beyond that this made no sense – Alpha as the keeper of the dollhouse? huh? the whole thing with Victor and Pria was overdone – Is it Caroline or Echo? and what was Neuropolis?

Some questions for sure — but the overall pacing was wrong and this was a major disappointment for us. After the fantastic second-last episode where Boyd is revealed (and blown up), this was a major let down.

Overall, Dollhouse was a brilliant concept show with some very intriguing episodes and some memorable characters. It did however have more holes in it than swiss cheese and this final episode has left us with a really foul taste in our mouth.


1. KA - January 31, 2010

I completely agree! This was the most disapointing episode! I thought epitaph sucked, until I saw part two. There was all this hype about going out w/a bang, and then nothing. And the ending, omg that was the WORST part! I almost wish it had just ended after the first season. But no…the last few episodes before this one got everyones hopes so high and then just let us down.

2. pinkstar - February 8, 2010

They really fd up the ending. I would of rather seemed something not so rushed, HAPPIER ending. Like Paul being ALIVE and not living in her head like a crazy person, she is literally alone and that is a really sad ending. The other girl gets paralyzed.. wtf. I don’t know it should be redone cuz I’m pissed. =/ Ya I really would of thought the episode before this, SHOULD OF BEEN THE ENDING because this one they call the final one, WAS SOO STUPID and so pointless and it sucked.

3. loftboy79 - September 28, 2010

I couldn’t agree more, it was like it had a new director or something, so slow and dark and dismal, like the Terminator saga.. It makes me not want to watch season two if I know this is the way it will end..

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